10 Tips On How To Cycle With Weights

10 Tips On How To Cycle With Weights

Cycling is a fantastic way to get your stamina and physical fitness up, but if you’re wanting to step it up a notch with some weights, we have all the tips you’ll need! Get ready to grab your bike and helmet and head off on a wonderful trip!

Start small - Go on small trips first, this is the best way to build yourself up to longer trips.

Bike prep - Make sure your bike is in good condition before you head off. There’s nothing worse than a bike falling apart mid journey.

Weight - Start with a small weight, then gradually increase your weights until you reach the level you’re aiming for.

Shoes - Make sure your shoes are in good condition first, especially if you’re going to be using ankle weights.

Route - Plan your route well so you can concentrate on the ride and not the route.

Indoor practice - Practice on an indoor bike before you take to the road.

Hills - Avoid cycling uphill until you’re ready to tackle the long hills and tough rides.

Weather - Check the weather to make sure you’re not cycling in cold or tough weather conditions.

Helmet - Wear your helmet, it’s key you protect yourself from injury!

Friends - Cycle with friends to make it more enjoyable! 

Enjoy a great trip!

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