10 Tips On How To Cycle With Knee Pain

10 Tips On How To Cycle With Knee Pain

Knee pain is common amongst cyclists. It’s easy to cycle with knee pain if you know how and we have some great tips you can use on your next trip to help ease it. Grab your bike and helmet because you’ll be ready to get riding after this post.

Build-up - Start with short journeys before taking any long ones.

Be self aware - It’s important not to push yourself, if your body isn’t up to it, don’t go.

Pain relief - Try and have some pain relief on standby in case you need it.

Food - It’s key you eat and drink beforehand so you’re better able to handle any pain.

Breaks - Listen to your body and take breaks if and when you need to.

Clothing - Find the right clothes for you that won’t hinder any knee pain.

Weather - Sometimes certain weather conditions can impact knee pain, check this before you head off.

Braking - Remember your braking time will be longer if you’re in pain.

Helmet - Since you’ll be unsteady on your feet, make sure you wear your helmet.

Shoes - Try out different shoes until you find the right set for you.

Now you have these great tips, you're ready to set off!

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