10 Tips On How To Cycle With Glasses

10 Tips On How To Cycle With Glasses

If you’re someone who needs glasses, it’s pretty impossible to cycle without them. Below, we have some great tips on how to cycle with glasses. Don’t forget your helmet before you head off!

Prescription - It’s key to make sure the prescription you have is up to date, this will help you to see where you’re going. 

Lenses - There is a big chance dirt and dust will fly onto your glasses, don’t wipe it away with your sleeve and risk damaging your lens. 

Contacts - Contact lenses are a great option when you’re cycling. They can’t fly away and you’re still able to see. 

Maintenance - Looking after your glasses is a key step. Make sure you’ve been looking after your glasses before you ride.

Chain - Now you don’t necessarily need a chain around your glasses, but keeping an elasticated cord around your glasses will help to keep them tight to your head and prevent them from flying away.

Sunglasses - Try getting yourself some prescription sunglasses so you’re able to avoid sun glare. 

Weather - Consider the weather. The rain can fall onto a lens and distort your vision as you ride.

Helmet - Often, helmets can do a great job of preventing rain from getting onto our faces and of course, you should always be wearing one!

Bike bag - It’s always handy to have a glasses repair kit to hand, so make sure you have  a big bag so you’re able to carry these with you.

Spares - Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid the inevitable. Glasses can fall off and they’ll smash. Try carrying a spare pair with you or some contact lenses as a back up.

With all of these fantastic tips, you’re ready to head off!

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