10 Tips On  How To Cycle With a Skirt

10 Tips On How To Cycle With a Skirt

No matter if it’s a work event, a party or just a general daily outing, cycling with a skirt can be a hassle. Below, we have some great tips on how to ride your bike whilst still looking incredible in your brand new (or comfortable) skirt!

Shorts - Wear shorts underneath your skirt, this will make you feel more comfortable, especially if it’s a windy day.

Length - Consider the length of your skirt that day, if it’s too long, it could get caught in the bikes mechanisms.

Weather - Check the weather before you leave, you don’t want to sit on a soaking wet bike seat.

Change - Consider changing when you get to your destination, this is of course the easiest way to cycle and still wear a skirt the same day.

Helmet - Of course, it’s not the safest way to cycle, make sure you’re wearing your helmet to protect yourself.

Route - Carefully choose your route, cycling with cars might not be so easy in a skirt.

Pin it - Try using a safety pin to carefully fix your skirt into place to avoid it getting in the way.

Tie it - Tie your skirt into a casual not at the bottom to again, stop it getting in the way if you have a long skirt.

Weight - Weight down your skirt in some wat to stop it flying up.

Move - Remember, no matter what you’re wearing, it’s key you’re able to move.

Now you have these great tips, all you have to do is enjoy your bike ride.

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