10 Tips For Cycling In The Wind

10 Tips For Cycling In The Wind

Windy days are inevitable no matter the season you’re in. Here, we have 10 helpful tips for when it comes to riding your bike in the wind.

Sheltered route - Choose a sheltered route past houses and buildings to keep the wind at bay.

Gloves - The wind can make your hands go cold and numb, be sure to keep them warm with some gloves.

Consider an e-bike - If you struggle to fight against the wind, an e-bike can do half of the work for you.

Sunglasses to shelter eyes from debris - Sunglasses or cycling goggles can help to prevent debris from blowing into your eyes. 

Plan your route - Plan a sheltered route in advance so you know you’re going to be as far from a windy area as possible.

Get low when you cycle - Aerodynamics are important, keep your body low when you cycle to help keep your speed up.

Tight-fitting clothing - Tight cycling clothing can help with aerodynamics just like keeping your body low as you cycle. 

Train at home - If it’s too windy, train at home and keep your body warm and yourself safe.

Ride with the wind - Ride in the same direction as the wind to make pedalling easier. 

Gear down - Don’t focus on your speed when the wind is harsh.

Now, you should be ready to ride your bike in the wind and enjoy a leisurely cycle.

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