10 Tips For Cycling In The Netherlands

10 Tips For Cycling In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a fantastic place to go on holiday and ride a bike, especially since cycling over there is massively popular. If you’re new to cycling in The Netherlands and want some helpful and handy tips, keep reading and we’ll give you all of the advice we have! Get ready to grab your bag and get going!

One Way - Bike lanes are normally one way so try to not steer around and turn back.

Helmets - Although they’re not required here, we always advise you wear one for your own safety.

Tram Tracks - These are everywhere in this beautiful part of the world, it’s best you avoid cycling over these for everyone's safety. 

Roads - The roads in this country are generally flat and not uphill so you shouldn’t need a bike with gears.

Scooters - In The Netherlands, scooters are just as popular as bikes are so make sure you watch out for these as well as pedestrians and drivers.

Lights - It’s illegal in this country not to have lights on your bike, especially at night or in winter so make sure your bike has some great lights on it.

Spacing - During rush hour and commuter times especially, try to stay single file in the bike lane.

Bell - Make sure to use your bell around the city centre, it’s a great way of letting someone know how close you are.

Signals - It’s important to make sure you signal clearly to let others know where you’re going.

Communication - If you’re communicating with others, especially via hand singles, don’t stop to do so. Make sure you give others warning and continue on.

That’s all we have on cycling in The Netherlands. Have fun and enjoy your holiday!

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