10 Tips For Cycling In The Dark

10 Tips For Cycling In The Dark

The dark doesn’t need to be a scary place when going on a bike ride. As long as you’re as prepared as possible and as aware as you can be, you’re all good to go!

Lights - Make sure you have plenty of lights on your bike and your helmet.

Ride where you’re visible - Stay away from sharp corners or sheltered routes, it’s important to be seen.

Reflectives - It’s important to make sure you’re easily seen by pedestrians and drivers in the dark. 

Wrap up - The night is often bitterly cold, make sure you’re warm and it’ll be a comfortable ride.

Have backup lights - Lights can sometimes run out of battery, try keeping some backup lights with you.

Ride with friends - Riding with friends can make your trip much more enjoyable, plus you’ll have someone who knows where you are.

Let someone know where you're going - If you’re riding alone, make sure someone knows where you are at all times. GPS tracking on your phone is great for this.

Plan your route - Confidence in your route is key when it’s dark out.

Keep your bike in good shape - Before any long trip, especially in the dark,  make sure your kid and adult bike is well maintained.

Helmet - Everything looks different in the dark, make sure you wear your helmet since your attention might be elsewhere.

Now you’re ready to conquer the world in the dark!

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