10 Tips For Cycling In Cold Weather

10 Tips For Cycling In Cold Weather

If you’ve got a big love of cycling, there’s a good chance you’ll be out on your bike come rain or shine. Riding your bike in cold weather is no fun, but we some great tips we’re going to give to you in the post below, you’ll have a breeze!

Keep your feet warm - When your feet get cold, it’s harder to pedal meaning you’re in less control of your bike.

Heated gloves - This is a great way to ensure you stay in control of your bike with toasty warm hands.

Quality waterproofs - It’s important to remember that rain is probably going to make an appearance here!

Braking time - Your reaction time is slower and your braking time will be too. 

Know your limits - If you’re not up to the challenge, that’s ok!

Grip - Make sure your wheels have a firm grip on the ground.

Plan the route - Make sure you know where you’re going so you can concentrate on your bike.

Share GPS - Let someone know where you’re going just in case something bad happens.

Wear your helmet - Not only will this protect you, but it’ll keep you warm and dry!

Lights - Bad weather often brings darker skies, make sure you’re visible with bike lights!

Now you’re all ready to go! Grab your bike, helmet and head off on a warm (ish) trip.

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