Bobbin Celebrities and Special Riders

Bobbin Celebrities and Special Riders

Ever wondered who the most famous fans of Bobbin bikes are? Click to see the coolest musicians and fashionistas rocking our products and shop the style.

Raul Merida

Raul Merida is a Spanish sexbomb - or, so says Shangay magazine! Here he is hanging around the streets of Madrid practically wearing that Bobbin bike. In case you want to recreate these photos (of course you do), the bike is a Noodle in Rifle Green colour. The moustache is the model's own.

Damon Albarn

Gorillaz and Blur's Damon Albarn Next To A Bobbin Bike! Just imagine.

Look - I went to see Blur on their first tour. I snuck backstage with my pal and met the band. Now, many many moons later, I hear that Damon himself is riding a Bobbin! The circle of life is complete.

Damon Albarn was featured in the Daily Mail Online looking very dapper against a black-and-white backdrop.

Having allegedly spent £10,000 on lost bikes he's now reformed his ways and started locking them up!

We're happy to hear his new Bobbin bike stays chained up as he cycles through Notting Hill - it's all for you Damon!

Credit: Mail Online

Andie MacDowell

Andie Macdowell rides a Bobbin around LA. She loves it so much she bought her daughter one too!

Altogether people - “Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed…”

Florence Welch

We made Florence Welch a special adult bike and almost FAINTED when she came to pick it up. Then she invited Tom to her house to take some photos!!! Too much excitement!!!

Lara Stone

Lara Stone is a D&G model and beautifully gap-toothed wonder. She rides a Bobbin – (she even bought it from Tom!).

Here’s a pic of her snapped by a pap.


We count Alison Goldfrapp amongst our personal rank. She is AMAZING, so of course she rides a Bobbin - a dark blue Bobbin Brownie in fact. You can catch a glimpse of it in her video for the single Drew. Just watch out for the naked bums!

Goldfrapp - Drew from Mute on Vimeo.

Tabitha Denholm

Stylist Tabitha Denholm’s paid homage to our special edition Watermelon Birdie. Thanks Tabitha!

Credit: Tabitha Denholm

Lorraine Kelly

One from the archive - a Sky TV feature on Bobbin. Yes - that is Lorraine Kelly advocating carrying a pair of heels to change into when you arrive at your destination en velo. Rock on!

Credit: Sky TV

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson’s production crew contacted us to help them with their video for The Bike Song. It turned out they borrowed a few bikes form stock and even from our staff members. The whole video became a bit of an ode to Bobbin! Our retro light even has a crucial role in the narrative!!

Credit: Mark Ronson


Erdem makes amazing frocks. We read that he had his bike nicked though, so we invited him to come and see us. The result was he met his special two-wheeled friend Prescilla.

Credit: Erdem

Kate Nash in Galore

Galore is a brassy US lifestyle magazine. Here you’ll see singer Kate Nash careering around the streets of New York on a Bobbin birdie bike wearing laddered tights*

*(Translation: pantyhose with runs in them).

Credit: Galore

Alice Temperley’s Bobbin

There’s a fab feature in The London Evening Standard on Alice Temperley and her home and influences.
Delighted to see her Bobbin Birdie propped up in the hallway – proof that Bobbin genuinely helps to make creative Londoners to go about their business!

Credit: Temperley’s

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed seeing our celebs and friends of Bobbin as much we do. (Ok, friends might be a stretch!).

Keep checking back to our blog for more handy tips on bikes and news about everything new here at Bobbin. Or head to our online store to check out our products.

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