Cycle Safety: How Bike Bells Can Keep You Safe on the Road

Cycle Safety: How Bike Bells Can Keep You Safe on the Road

What is this safety device mounted on a bike for warning pedestrians and other cyclists? Ding dongbike bells!

When talking about cycling safety, helmets are indispensable. Wearing protective gear is also crucial in road riding, wherein cyclists must follow. Although there are no definitive laws on this, the case is different on the Highway Code.

Among the mentioned rules is sharing space with pedestrians (see Rule #63). To do so, you have to let them know you’re there, and that is by ringing your bicycle bell. At least one is recommended and must be fitted to your two wheels’ left handlebar - or wherever is suitable.

If yours isn’t equipped with one yet, it’s time to step up your road visibility with a stylish bell!

Are Bike Bells Necessary?

 Embossed Ringer Bell

Bike bells, in general, are another safety step to avoid accidents while on the road. They attach to the handlebars of a bicycle and produce a loud sound.

Regardless of the design and size, a bike ring bell has one primary purpose. It alerts other road users to your presence in the form of a ding-dong sound. It could be a fellow cyclist not riding to the right side of the bike path. Or when you’re about to pass someone walking the same route as yours. Plus, drivers, especially in places with lots of vehicular traffic.

If you think about it, this is way better than shouting at someone to let them know you’re approaching. A friendly wave can also make it seem less threatening when passing anyone. It’s a great habit to acquire for better cycling etiquette.

And although installing one may not be compulsory, it’s key for your own safety and the others. This applies to both adults and kids bike

Why Should You Have a Bicycle Bell?

As with everything else, having a bicycle bell has its perks and quirks. But most favour the good side, starting with:


Close-up shot of a bicycle bell attached on the handlebar

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The number one priority of bike bells is to enhance the safety of cyclists. This bicycle accessory is essential for riding on narrow roads to avoid crashes. Sharp turns, for instance, are the most critical places. With a ringing bell, you can let anyone know about your presence.

Reduced risk of collision

Safety also means reduced risk of collision, especially in an urban environment. Warning people that you’re approaching can give them enough time to get out of your way. This helps avoid any potential accidents from happening. Little did you know, you also contribute to road safety by keeping pedestrians alert.

Convenient for cyclists (including you)

Two cyclists pedalling their way through the woods 

(Image Credit: Washoe County)

Not only does a classic ‘ding dong bell’ help stay safe on the roads, but it can also be quite convenient for cyclists too. You can skip the yelling part or use hand gestures every time you want someone else on the street to move.

All you have to do is press the bell, and this should be enough to make everyone around you know that you’re coming. With this, you can keep your focus intact.

Courtesy to others

Another great benefit of having a bell when riding alongside other cyclists on roads! By ringing it as politely as possible, you can alert them that they should move aside. In turn, both parties can ride safely at the same time.

It’s also courteous to “loud ding!” pedestrians when they’re walking towards danger. Or when they could get caught up in your line of motion. Letting them know ahead of time can prevent a spill before it occurs!

A few quirks

Bike bells do have some disadvantages, too. But they don’t affect their functionality and purpose. Common downsides include:

  • Placement. In most cases, you have to change your grip to sound the bell. This may slow the reaction time, and the ding-dong sound may be ignored. What you can do is to ensure your 'trigger bell' is well fit on the handlebars. Check the handlebar diameter to choose the most suitable bell for your bike.
  • It can be easily ignored. Pedestrians’ cluelessness and drivers’ lack of attention can make bike bells useless. But this shouldn’t stop you from having one. You tried warning them, and you did your part. Who knows? Someone nearby would hear the ringing instead, alerting other road users.

Factors to Consider Before Buying ‘Bike Horns’

When shopping for classic bicycle bells, these are some factors you should check:

Durability and quality

It can be challenging to find a good quality bike bell with an elegant design. Or maybe you haven’t considered browsing through Bobbin Bikes bike bell collections! Each posh bell comes with a choice of colours and is made from top materials. Even better, you can get them at a reasonable, decent price.

Left or right handed

Are you left or right-handed? When choosing which handlebar to mount on, ensure it’s within your grip and comfort. Plus, the handlebar shouldn’t slip from your hands.


Invest in a bicycle bell with a loud enough sound that alerts others without startling them.

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You have to ding dong your way if you want to step up your visibility on the road. Besides your helmet, it can be your next road safety best friend - classic ringers!

Installing one in the bar space of your bike’s handle can improve safety and courtesy on roads & trails alike. Overall, a good quality bike bell can make a difference in your cycling life and experience. Whether the main purpose is safety reasons or just simply convenience.

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