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Bobbin City Bikes

Our adult's range includes a fantastic selection of high-quality city bikes, so make sure to check back for new releases and special offers!

Urban Bikes - Perfect For London

Having started Bobbin in London, it holds a special place in our hearts. But we know that urban commutes and traffic can put some people off wanting to cycle London.

That's why we put our heart and soul into creating a range of urban bikes that make our customers' city route a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

So fall in love with urban riding in the new bicycle capital with Bobbin.

Frame, brakes, and wheel size

In this collection, you'll find lightweight alloy and steel frames alongside Shimano Tourney gears and a whole host of other features.

So whether you want a Dutch bike for leisure riding at the weekend or an urban bike that can handle hills and stop-start riding, you'll find it all in our range of city bicycles.

Cycling - Our Favourite Mode of Transport

At Bobbin, we've got a real passion for cycling (who'd have thought!) and we want to share it with you. So whether you need a versatile bike for bike rides to the shops, the pub, or to work, we've got you!

Choose from classic bicycles with handlebars that put you in a more upright position for weekend rides. Or, pick a functional bike with a low head tube for a sportier ride.

Hybrid Bikes and Commuter Bikes

Whether you take towpaths or city streets on your daily commute, our hybrid bikes can handle it all. Buying, say, a Kingfisher commuter bike from Bobbin is an investment in quality (and just a bit of a fashion statement!). Check out our commuter bike helmets to match!

Browse our range to find the best bike for commuting that suits you.

Folding Bikes or Road Bike

As well as hybrid models, we've also got the perfect road bike or fold-away model. In trying to cater to all kinds of commuters, we've come up with everything from a men's to women's city bike with different frames and styles for both road riding and cycling on bike paths.

Just remember to top it all off with one of our lovely, safety-tested bike helmets.