10 Tips On How To Cycle With a Toddler

10 Tips On How To Cycle With a Toddler

Cycling with a toddler doesn’t need to be scary, with these great tips, you’ll be reaching for your bike in no time ready to head out!

Bike seat - If your child isn’t yet at cycling age, grab them a bike seat and fix it to the back of your bike. You can also find some great accessories for bike seats so they can carry their own belongings.

Trailer - A trailer is perfect if you want to let your child sleep or have space.

Snacks - Bringing snacks is a great way to ensure you and your child stay happy, you also don’t need to find a cafe to stop at.

Play - Let them play in the bike seat or trailer to let them get comfortable.

Breaks - Take regular breaks so everyone stays happy without being too tired.

Route - Try picking a scenic route so your child has something to look at on the journey.

Activities - Do other events in the same day, visit a castle or maybe the beach.

Games - Give your child a check sheet, fill out everything they see and let them gain points.

Weather- Check it regularly and before you leave to ensure you stay warm and dry.

Road - Avoid the road until your child is able to cycle comfortably by themselves.

Now you have these great tips, you’re ready to set off!

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