10 Tips For Cycling Without Stabilisers

10 Tips For Cycling Without Stabilisers

Getting your kids to ride a bike on their own for the first time is exciting and nervous. Here, we have some great tips to help both the nervous child and parent out when you’re taking your first stabiliser-free steps.

Seat - The best way to start is to adjust the seat and remove the stabilisers! 

Location - Choose the location wisely, somewhere soft and quiet is best.

Braking - Teach them to brake before they start cycling, this is important!

Stability - Hold the seat for stability as they take their first cycling steps.
Run - Run alongside them at first so they know you’ll catch them if they fall and as they become more confident, slow yourself down.

Helmet - Get them excited with a helmet they’ll love wearing every time they ride their bike.

Accessories - There’s nothing more exciting than adding some fun colours to your bike with bells and bike baskets!

Lightweight bike - It’s a great idea to choose a lightweight bike. Let them choose a brand new bike they’ll be more than excited to try.

Clothing - Get your child to wear trousers to prevent scrapes and bruises.

Pads - Knee pads and elbow pads are a great option for those who are nervous.

With these great tips, you should be ready to go! Good luck!

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