15 Tips For Cycling In Snow

15 Tips For Cycling In Snow

Who doesn’t love a holiday surrounded by plenty of fresh snow and crisp air? If you’re heading off on a snow-filled holiday or you’re surrounded by it at the moment, there’s no reason not to still head off on your bike.

Check the weather forecast - Take a peek at the weather forecast before you ride. Snowstorms and rain aren’t ideal weather when you’ve already got snow on the ground.

Check your tyres - It’s important to check your tyres are in good condition before you ride. This makes sure you’ll be able to brake and grip the road properly.

Stay away from black ice - Black ice can be a nightmare for cars, pedestrians and bikes alike. Make sure you avoid this where you can!

Heated gloves - These are a fantastic way to avoid cold hands in winter. Charge up your heated gloves and as you ride, your hands will be toasty and warm.

Clothing - Don’t forget to wrap up warm and dress for the cold weather. This helps to avoid your joints seizing up.

Helmet - Not only do they keep you safe but they’re also great for keeping your head warm in the colder weather.

Grip - The colder it is, the more your hands can stiffen up and go numb with the weather. Make sure you don’t grip too hard and cause pain in your hands as you ride.

Brake gently - When you brake, do it gently to allow your bike to stop slowly. This avoids skidding and any nasty snow-related accidents.

Braking time - As you brake gently, remember your braking time will be longer in the snow as well.

Bike checks - Don’t forget to check your bike for a build-up of snow or ice regularly and brush it away.

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Tyres - Use different tyres for the snow so you’re able to grip better.

Friend - Cycle with a friend to make the journey more enjoyable.

Hands and feet - Don’t neglect your hands and feet in this weather. Wear thick socks, comfortable shoes and warm gloves. 

Saddle - Lower your saddle in this weather so you have better control of your bike as you cycle, break and ride through the snow.

Gutter - Stay away from the gutter, stick to cycling on the main section of paths and roads so it’s easier to cycle.

All you need now are some great accessories before you head off on a fantastic snowy holiday this year to get out of the heat.

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