The Best Commuter & City Bikes

The Best Commuter & City Bikes

The idea of pedalling past all the traffic lights can be thrilling - it’s both sustainable and fun! It can be life-changing if you’re a daily commuter. And the best and most practical approach to enjoy such perks is to invest in a commuter bike Make it vintage to give your riding experience an eclectic vibe!

Hop On Into Your Urban Commuter Bike!

Bicycles have bloomed from basic designs to ‘limited edition’ categories over the years. In today’s market, you’ll be offered interesting choices — one of those is commuter bikes.

You may or may not have heard of this type of cycling medium before. As the name suggests, it’s a two-wheel frame specifically designed for commuters.

Although, technically, almost any bike can be a ‘commuter bike’, most aren’t just fit for use for the daily hustle. This is what makes city bikes the best transportation transition. They fulfil the role better than others, making them ideal for this commuting purpose.

It’ll be different if your idea of cycling is for pleasure and heart-pumping workout sessions. Take joining a triathlon while staying fit, for example. The kind of bike that’ll suit you best is a road bike — designed for speed and this mean.

Both will get you where you need to go but in quite diverse ways. If your intent is for daily commutes to work or school, hop on your urban commuter bike!

Bike Types Worth Considering for the Daily Commuter

There’s more than one kind of bike, with various models from different brands. If you’re not a cycling enthusiast, you may not have noticed the differences from one type to another.

We’ve put together the common models suitable as public transport alternatives:

1. City Bike

One of the most preferred bike types for urban riding commutes is the city bike, a.k.a. the utility bike or hybrid bikeCity bikes are designed for short, moderately paced rides through mild urban terrain.

The design features an upright riding position, fewer gears, and greater weight. They usually come equipped with saddles that are larger than those on road or mountain bikes, to add.

If you value comfort and practicality over speed and efficiency, a city bike fits the bill. Lucky for you, we have a model that might suit your liking — even better, it’s lightweight!

How Much Is A City Bike?

 Birdie Lightweight Bike

Birdie Lightweight Bike

Price: £589

Offers a unique balance of a retro Dutch bike-style frame and a lightweight city bike. The Birdie is available in four colours: Plum, Black, Blueberry, and Moody Blue.

The sizing guide and other features include:

  • Colour-matched mudguards
  • Immaculate gloss paint finish
  • Vegan leather embossed saddle 
  • High-strength, steel step-through frame
  • Long-lasting, Duracork handlebar grips 
  • 7 Shimano gears to get you up and down hills
  • Frame size: 46cm, Weight: 12kg
Daytripper City Bike

Daytripper City Bike

Price: From £599 to £509

The Daytripper is a dependable, lightweight city and town bike, perfect for:

  • Commuting
  • Trips to the pub
  • Generally, being your two-wheeled best buddy

Available in two colours: Moody Blue and Black. Plus, it has the same features as the Birdie, except with a 55cm frame size.

2. Hybrid

Hybrid bikes are one of the most versatile types, earning their nickname “Jack of all trades”. The hybrid features flat handlebars and a more upright, traffic- and comfort-friendly position.

The components can also be modified according to one’s needs. For instance, swapping out to tweak your position or adjusting to weather conditions.

Thanks to their wider tires, they make a more comfortable ride over bumpy surfaces. If you go for longer distances with a few hills ahead for work, a hybrid bike is a great choice.

Kingfisher Commuter Bike 

Kingfisher Commuter Bike

Price: From £589 to £501

The Bobbin Kingfisher is a commuter bike that's at home in the city or on country lanes. This stylish, unisex bicycle features the same classic Bobbin touches as the Birdie. Except for the following:

  • Long-lasting, Kraton handlebar grips
  • Frame size: S/M 52cm and 57cm

3. Folding

Folding bikes are best if your commute involves public transport. As the name implies, this type of bike folds down into a compact form for easy transportation and storage.

Its functionality also makes it easy to transport on, say, trains and buses. This means you can carry one with you and bring them into your office and not worry about it being stolen!

Though the small wheels won’t handle like a regular bike. But if you don’t want to ride the entire way to work and just go ‘multimodal’, invest in a folding bike, such as the Fold.

Fold Folding Bike 

Fold Folding Bike

Price: From £589 to £501

The Fold is an elegant solution for adult commuters. Available in three vibrant Bobbin colours, it can be stored in tight spaces and ride smoothly on the road. It’s sure to turn heads for its retro aesthetic and impressive features:

  • Powerful V-Brakes
  • Vegan leather saddle
  • Folds down in seconds
  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • Immaculate gloss paint finish
  • Metal mudguards and chaincase
  • Long-lasting, Kraton handlebar grips
  • 7 Shimano gears to get you up and down hills

4. Electric

Thanks to technological advancement, electric bikes were introduced into the world. They may look like traditional bikes but don’t let that fool you. Electric bikes are faster, and they can greatly reduce your commuting time sustainably!

Also known as an e-bike, an electric commuter bike has electric pedal assistance. This gives you the extra boost to maintain your desired speed while riding.

With this assistance, you don’t have to exert as much energy per cycle as with a standard bicycle. The motor converts stored energy from the battery to kinetic, helping you turn the pedals. This can be felt most in the initial acceleration and on inclined ascents.

Note: It’s a good practice to recharge the e-bike as soon as possible after the battery goes flat. Do so after every ride; that way, your electric bike is always ready for your next adventure.

Make It Vintage!

Vintage commuter bikes are a great way to get around town in style while being eco-friendly. Such vintage bikes offer a classic look from the 70s and 80s, making them popular for retro bike lovers.

Offering excellent practicality and stability, they’re also becoming popular amongst city-dwellers. Most vintage commuter bikes have undergone several updates in recent years. Today, you’ll find them more comfortable, efficient, and stylish than ever before.

Bobbin Hummingbird Vintage Bike

The Bobbin Hummingbird Vintage Bikes makes the perfect example! It’s the ideal go-to bike for running errands, leisure riding and all-around activities. Available in exciting colours: Blueberry, Yellow, Moody Blue, Green, Blossom Pink, and more.


Finding the right commuter bike can be overwhelming as there are a lot of things to consider. To make your search easier, think about your style and type of commuting. Do you want a city bike tailored to urban riding? Or something in-between, like an e-bike or hybrid?

Look for essential features. These include a comfortable saddle/seat, good brakes/gears, and a lightweight frame.

If you're in need of a helmet to match, weve got loads of options to choose from, click here to view our commuter bike helmets range.

If your budget allows, add accessories to make your commuting experience more fruitful. This is especially effective if your daily route includes public transit, for instance. Some popular additions include bike bags and panniers. Click here to browse our full range of adult bikes.

Once you have identified these, you can start narrowing down your options from our list!

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