15 Family-Friendly Annual Bike Events In Glasgow

15 Family-Friendly Annual Bike Events In Glasgow

Scotland is a beautiful place, full of countryside views and breathtaking landscapes. Glasgow is no exception to this and with some fantastic annual cycling events for you and your family to enjoy, there’s no reason why you can’t grab your bike and head off to Scotland for this year and many to come.

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Glasgow City Mission’s Big Arran Challenge - In September once again you’ll be able to partake in this event to raise money to help those affected by homelessness and poverty in Glasgow. You have 3 options of routes and there’s a £35 deposit. 

Disability Bikes at Free Wheel North - This event opens at 10am. You’ll ride along the dedicated cycle track on Glasgow Green, just make sure to bring a bike, trike or your preferred mode of cycling transport. This is free and held in May of each year.

Exploring Pollok Country Park by Bike - This annual event takes place in June. It’s a 22km distance and would take around 3-4 hours to complete (including rest). You’ll start at Tradeston St in Glasgow at 11am. This is a free event. 

Get On Yer Bike For Ride Anywhere Week - This event is a city-wide initiative to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get on their bikes. This annual event takes place in March and is open to anyone and everyone of all ages and abilities.

Pedal for Scotland - This is a collection of events that are free to enter. They’re inclusive and non-competitive so all you have to do is grab your bike and head off on a trip with the family.



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Glasgow Mountain Bike Club - This is a regular event in Glasgow you can partake in. Held in Milngavie in Glasgow, you can undertake Mountain biking and enjoy all the city has to offer.

Queer Bike Tour of Glasgow for Festival Fortnight - This free event is all about incorporating current and past LGBTQI+ landmarks in Glasgow. This is held in June of each year.

Etape Loch Ness - Held in April of each year, this charitable event will see you undertake 900 m of ascent and cycle along 66 miles of traffic-free roads.

Drumlanrig Cycle Challenge - This event takes place in September of each year. You’ll have the choice of 34 miles, 50 miles or 84 miles and there is a £30 entry fee. It’s a little bit away from Glasgow but offers incredible views.

Tayside Challenge -  For this cycling challenge you’ll have the choice of 81 mile or 46 mile routes. It’s a fantastic challenge to undertake with family and friends and you’ll experience stunning scenery along the way.


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Learn to cycle - This event is held in June of each year between the times of 12pm until 3pm. You’ll have 1 on 1 cycle sessions lasting for 30 minutes.

Exploring Pollok Country Park - This event is held in mid-June of each year and is a free cycling event. You’ll be able to explore all this beautiful park has to offer by bike.

Essential Skills - This cycling event is held in mid-June each year. It covers important cycling lessons like cycling on the road.

Advanced on-road cycling - For this event, you’ll need to book. It’s held towards the end of June between 10:30am until 12:30pm.

Glasgow Green Led Rides Fridays - This event is held in the middle of June each year. You’ll need tickets but you’ll be able to cycle around and see some wonderful views.


Now you have some incredible sights of Glasgow to explore, don’t forget to grab your helmet and enjoy all there is. Why not take a look at some other cycling events somewhere like London!

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