15 Child-Friendly Bike Rides In Manchester

15 Child-Friendly Bike Rides In Manchester

Manchester is a built-up urban city thriving with thousands of people, but there are still so many great places to visit by bike that you’d never have guessed were in Manchester.

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Road Tracks

Manchester Cycleway - This off-road cycle track is great for teaching kids about road safety without them actually being on the road!

Fallowfield Loop
- This 4.5 mile long route is mostly traffic-free and great for a cycle through the city of Manchester. Since you'll be road riding for this cycling route, make sure your pedal bike is easy to carry.

Manchester Airport Orbital Cycleway
 - If you’re looking for an easy route then this is perfect for you and your family.

Ashton Trail
 - A trail with new cyclist traffic lights specifically for bike users, great for helping kids learn about the rules of the road.

The Monton Green Loop
- This loop is full of history so if you’re wanting a route to travel back in time with, give this a go! This cycle route is perfect for any bobbin kids bike!

Dunham Massey Farm Ice Cream Loop (from Deansgate)
- This loop will see you pass history. You'll be travelling out from the heart of Manchester and back in. It's 29 miles long and would take around 2 hours to complete.

Green Plains Loop from Deansgate
- This loop will see you travel from the heart of manchester and back in again. It's 39 miles long and would take 3 hours to complete. Some sections are unpaved so be  prepared to carry your kid and bike for a section.

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Scenic Tracks

Medlock Valley Project - This route is great if you’re looking for a path through beautiful fields with scenery for miles. Try out mountain bikes here to make cycling along the fields easier.

Chorlton Water Park
- This water park is situated in a nature reserve making it great for kids on a summer's day out. The perfect bike here is lightweight.

Prestwich Forest Park
 - This park is full of a forest with open space, making it a great way to enjoy some shade on hotter days on shelter from the rain in the autumn months.

Stalybridge Country Park
 - In this park you’ll find traffic-free tarmac filled roads surrounded by hills and beautiful views. The tarmacked roads make this route perfect for your child's balance bike.

Saddleworth Rail Trail
- If you want a path that's easy and gentle to travel through then this is perfect. Lightweight bikes are ideal for a route like this to make cycling easier.

Tatton Park Loop (from Burnage)
- This loop is 32 miles long and because of this, would take around 2 hours to complete. It's mostly paved roads so the ideal bike here is a  road bike, balance bike or hybrid bike.

Blaze Hill Loop from Burnage -
This loop offers fantastic views of churches and miles of greenery. It's 37 miles long and would take you 3 hours to finish.

Holme Moss Loop from Gorton
- This loop will see you travel through Daisy Nook country park, offering fantastic views of the surrounding area. It's 46 miles long and would take 4 hours to complete.



Now you’ve got some great routes to travel through, head off on your bike and enjoy. Don't forget to take a look at some other fantastic areas to cycle through like Norfolk or Yorkshire.

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