The Best Spots For Cycling Training In London

The Best Spots For Cycling Training In London

Cycling is a much-loved sport practised by millions across the world. Getting started and into the sport may seem daunting, but it’s simple. With plenty of practice and the right spots, all you have to do is grab your bike and get started!

Below are the best places in London for you to start your cycling journey today, with both free and paid options available for you and your children, you definitely shouldn't be short of options after this post! 


Herne Hill Velodrome 

This is an outdoor cycling track located in Dulwich, South London. The Herne Hill Velodrome was built back in the 1890s and has a 450m outdoor banked track, multi-use games area and many more facilities.

If you're someone with a family you'd like to take to the venue whilst you cycle (or if your whole family would like to find activities to do), then this would be the ideal spot! You can make use of the various facilities and options they have available. This is a great way to encourage your family to become more active, even if cycling isn't their sport.

This is a cycling spot that has a starting price of £290. They’ve had many attend their tracks including Olympic winners and partakers. If you’re looking for an open-air velodrome then this is perfect!

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Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a well known cycling hot spot in London. Cycling is permitted only on the tarmac roads when cycling inside this park but it’s one of the better and more scenic routes if you’re wanting to start training. Not to mention the park is also free to access! 

This park is best known for the wildlife you might find inside, deers, plenty of birds and so many more species. If you're an avid nature lover or if you're looking for the right way to start your mornings then this park would be perfect!

All you need with you is your adult bike, helmet and the training guide you’ll need so you can start learning! 

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Velodrome
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Lee Valley VeloPark

In 2012, London played host to the 2012 Olympic Games. For this event, the Lee Valley Velopark was built, a cycling track for the Olympic cycling competitions. After the games ended, the Velopark was opened to the public and now cycling training takes place by many different people. 

This spot is located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by Stratford in East London and indoor training is available with a roof to protect participants from the weather. All you need to do to book is sign up for their free online membership. Payment will be required for each session.

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Redbridge Cycling Centre 

This cycling centre is located in Ilford just outside of East London. This centre has purpose-built roads, BMX tracks and off-road tracks too. They have an area for training and a family area if you’re also looking to get your family involved.

Redbridge Cycling Centre has bike hire available as well as coaching and group cycling to hand, plus the benefit of bike repairs on site. If you're someone who is short of time or likes to get everything done in the same space then this is the ideal location for you.

This venue is also perfect for younger cyclists looking to get into the sport early, with various courses and tracks available, this would be the best venue to introduce your children to the world of cycling. The lowest price available for this venue is £2, whilst the highest goes up to £14.50 depending on the service you’re looking for and the age of the participant.    

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Tips and Tricks To Get Started

Getting started is always the hardest part, luckily we're here to provide you with all of the best spots and some small tips to point you in the direction of your cycling journey.

From the right bike to all of the initial things to remember, below you're going to find some added bonus's of some extra helpful tips to get you into the world of cycling!


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The Right Bike

If you're just starting out in the cycling world and you're aiming to train to become the best cyclist there is, you're going to need the right bike. With plenty of bikes available such as road bikes, hybrid bikes and more, it's tough making sure you've chosen the right one. 

It's best to opt for a road bike, these are lightweight, helping you to gain speed quicker than a mountain bike or BMX would for example!

It's also a well-known fact that the thinner the frame of the bike, the faster you'll be able to travel because of the aerodynamics of the bike.

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What You'll Need:

Besides a bike, there are plenty of things you'll need so you set off on your cycling training on the right foot (or pedal!)

You'll need to set aside periods of time to create structured training plans, find quiet roads and be prepared to be a complete beginner! Keep reading to find some of the things you might need:

  • A lightweight bike (such as a road bike)
  • Consistent training - becoming a regular cyclist is key to gaining those basic skills
  • A Fitness Goal
  • A set hours per week for training
  • Cycling training plans

It's also always best to be clued up on the type of workout you're doing and maybe even look at some cycling training courses to help you get started.

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What To Avoid:

If you're all set on the right bike and anything else you might need, here are some key things to avoid when you're starting your cycling training plans:

  • Busy roads
  • Heavy bikes such as mountain bikes or electric mountain bikes
  • Don't start at advanced cycle skills if you're a beginner

Besides these points, knowing your body and its capabilities is a vital step. Never push yourself too hard and make sure you give yourself enough rest.

Now that you’re all clued up on cycling spots in London, why not find yourself the perfect bike ahead of your training! We have plenty of bikes available for all age ranges. We also have plenty of bike accessories for you to find, including helmets, bells and lights so you can be safe whilst cycling.

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