Where Is Best to Ride Single-Speed Bikes?

Where Is Best to Ride Single-Speed Bikes?

Single-speed cycling has gained popularity for its minimalist design and low maintenance. And that’s not all; it offers a unique riding experience like no other. From urban streets to mountain trails, the joy of pedalling through these diverse terrains is imminent. But where to begin the journey? Join us as we discover the best destinations that cater to single-speed biking!

Single-Speed Bikes

Single-speed bikes, as the name implies, have a single-gear ratio. It sidesteps the complexities of multiple gears for a straightforward, efficient design. Embracing simplicity, these bikes are favoured for many attributes, including their:

  • low maintenance
  • lightweight construction
  • direct power transfer

Another worth noting is the absence of gears, cutting the need for periodic fitting. This makes them an excellent choice for riders seeking a hassle-free cycling experience. To maximise this benefit, choosing the right type of bike is crucial, which we’ll talk about more later on. But, overall, consider your preferred terrain and riding style. This golden rule is key to selecting the perfect single-speed bike for you.

Best Urban Single-Speed Rides

There are diverse types of single-speed bikes available in the market. Each of which features a design that caters to a specific terrain. This means your choice of bicycle can significantly impact your cycling adventure. See below which one can ensure you an unforgettable ride wherever your wheels may take you:

1. City bikes

 Shadowplay Bike

Urban single-speed bikes are designed for city cruising and commuting. They feature lightweight frames and responsive handling. Take, for instance, the Shadowplay from Bobbin. This gloss black city bicycle captures the essence of urban living. It makes commuting easy and with style. Of course, there’s no other place to take this with you than the bustling city streets. Alternatively, pedal it through bike-friendly neighbourhoods and scenic urban parks.

2. Road bikes

Road single-speed bikes are geared for longer distances and paved roads. They boast a streamlined design for speed and efficiency. Navigate through picturesque routes and enjoy a smooth ride with one!

3. Mountain bikes

Mountain single-speed bikes are built for off-road adventures and challenging terrains. Their robust construction and efficient power delivery compensate for such bold moves. Riding one enables cyclists to embrace the thrill of the great outdoors. Whether conquering mountain trails or rugged landscapes, excitement awaits.

4. Hybrid bikes

 Shadowplay Junior 24” Wheel

Hybrid single-speed bikes are versatile, making them ideal for city and off-road use. They’re ideal for riders seeking a blend of urban and adventurous experiences. Take your young riders with you and let them experience the fun of our Shadowplay Junior 24” Wheel. It comes with everything a child needs to get out and explore! Even better, the stunning, stealthy black finish will catch the eye of every passerby. Show this sleek ride during your next family bike ride, be it on urban streets or off-road trails.

The right bike type and location enhances the joy of single-speed biking in every setting. Now, onto the best locations!

Best Urban Single-Speed Rides

 Man cycling on the street in London.

(Image Credit: Pexels)

In this section, we’ll unveil the allure of these selected urban locations in the UK. They offer a visual feast of scenic routes and bike-friendly infrastructure.

London, England

Immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of London. Pedal through its iconic cityscape and past historic landmarks. The well-maintained cycling paths along the Thames River offer a delightful route. It combines urban exploration with scenic waterside views, perfect for single-speed riders.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Discover the enchanting charm of Edinburgh. Cyclists can pedal through its picturesque streets, immersing in the city’s rich history. The capital’s Old Town reveals hidden gems. It creates a captivating backdrop, where every corner tells a story of Scotland’s past.

Bristol, England

Embark on a cycling adventure in Bristol, where a vibrant cycling culture awaits. Dedicated lanes enhance the city’s bike-friendliness. The Bristol to Bath Railway Path provides a leisurely route. Soak in the scenic beauty while navigating this culturally rich urban landscape!

Cambridge, England

Cycle through the timeless allure of Cambridge. This urban destination is known for its charming streets and a world-class university. The flat terrain and cycling-friendly route make it ideal for single-speed biking. Get ready to explore the city’s architectural wonders and academic heritage.

Cardiff, Wales

Experience the fusion of urban and natural beauty in Cardiff as you ride along the Taff Trail. This route provides a perfect mix of scenic landscapes and city exploration. Cardiff Bay adds another layer to the single-speed adventure. Look forward to its waterfront cycling path! It combines the thrill of cycling with the serenity of Wales’ picturesque surroundings.

These locations are a must-visit for passionate single-speed cyclists!

Top Road Single-Speed Routes

 Rydal Water, Lake District, Westmorland, England.

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Discover the beauty of serene landscapes and the joy of cycling through these routes:

Cotswold Scenic Loop

Explore charming Cotswold villages on a single-speed adventure. The idyllic English countryside unfolds around each bend. It offers a perfect setting with undulating terrain. Riders seamlessly blend with gentle slopes, exploring the timeless landscapes’ charm.

Lake District Discovery

Explore scenic Lake District roads on your single-speed bike. And immerse yourself in tranquil nature. Revel in serene surroundings as your bike effortlessly glides. This should provide an ideal platform to appreciate the region's beauty. Each turn reveals a new vista, offering a delightful mix of natural wonders and the joy of a smooth ride.

Coastal Charm in Cornwall

Discover the coastal allure of Cornwall as you embrace stunning sea views. The bike perfectly complements the relaxed pace along the scenic coastal roads. Cruise along clifftop paths or coastal villages! Single-speed riding in these places offers a leisurely exploration of Cornwall’s seaside landscapes.

Scottish Highlands Ride

Conquer the Scottish Highlands, gliding through winding roads and dramatic landscapes. The bike’s simple design effortlessly complements the challenging terrain. It turns each pedal stroke into a rhythmic dance with the undulating landscape. Riders absorb the sheer grandeur, making the most of this remarkable setting.

Explore these road routes for a single-speed adventure. Each turn reveals a new vista. Plus, the joy of a smooth, consistent ride amplifies the scenic experience!

Safety Tips and Riding Etiquette

Navigating the roads on a single-speed bike can be exhilarating. But safety is paramount. Always wear a properly fitted bike helmet to protect yourself. Ensure your bike is well-maintained, checking brakes and tires regularly. Take this opportunity to perform a bike safety check, as well. Increase visibility with reflective gear and proper lighting, especially in low-light conditions.

When cycling in shared spaces or on busy roads, adhere to proper riding etiquette. Signal clearly before turns, and always obey traffic signals. Stay to the right, allowing faster cyclists or vehicles to pass on the left. Be cautious at intersections, making eye contact with drivers when possible. Respect pedestrians and give them the right of way. Finally, be a courteous rider by maintaining a reasonable speed. Always be aware of your surroundings for a safe and enjoyable biking experience.

Top tip: When riding with your little ones, make sure to equip them with the cycling rules.


As we wrap up our guide to the best places for single-speed biking, get ready for diverse adventures. Each ride promises something special. Whether you’re navigating city streets, scenic roads, or off-road trails, you name it! Remember to stay safe and follow cycling etiquette for a great experience.

So, gear up and explore the suggested destinations. Let the joy of simple single-speed biking merge with the thrill of discovery. The world awaits, and your next cycling adventure is just a pedal away.

For a dependable bike shop, Bobbin is the right choice. Explore our varied range, including kids bikes and adult bikes options! Up next on your reading list: What Is a Single-Speed Bike?

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