Our Best And Most Loved Women's Bikes

Our Best And Most Loved Women's Bikes

There’s nothing better, ladies, than getting yourself a new bike! The excitement of choosing the style, colour and matching accessories can sometimes be overwhelming though. That's why in the post below you’re going to find the best ladies bikes we have as well as some fantastic matching accessories you absolutely need!

All of our bikes (including our bikes for women) are unisex, so they’ll be perfect for anyone who loves the look and feel of any of the bikes we have to offer. 

Keep reading below if you’re reading to delve in and find out which women’s bikes we have to offer and why we love them!

Pink Brownie bike against a pink door (A ladies Bobbin step-through bike)

Ladies Bikes

All of our ladies bikes (like we mentioned above) are unisex. This in fact goes for every bike we have, but every bike at Bobbinis unique, just like you! 

The unisex bikes below are ideal for those road adventures! Unlike mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or electric bikes, the road bikes below are designed for everyday use in all types of weather, made for everything from road cycling to commuting. 

Below are our favourite women’s bikes that'll give you a comfortable ride, the perfect frame size and will overall, be the perfect bike for you! Let’s dive in!

Brownie7 dutch bike

(The Brownie 7)

Brownie 7 Dutch Bike

This very popular ladies bike comes in a wide range of four colours, there are Moody Blue, Blueberry, Green and Black. Alongside having the option of various colours, you also have the option to choose between a small/medium-sized bike, or medium/large. 

The Brownie 7 Dutch Bike has a vintage feel with the handlebars and the seat being a classic light brown colour. The pop of colour from the blues and greens gives this beautiful bike a modern feel

You can purchase this bike at a starting price of £549.00, excluding delivery prices which can be found on the product page.

Match your bike with: The Cambridge Bike Basket, add this handy accessory to your purchase! 

Yellow 'fold' folding bike in the street (The Bobbin Fold)

“Fold” Folding Bike

Coming in various colours, the “Fold” Folding Bike is a handy bike perfect for those commuting on public transport. This wonderful bike comes in a range of six colours. These are Pea Green, Yellow, Raspberry, Blueberry, Moody Blue and Blossom Pink. 

This folding bike does just as the name says - it folds down so you’re able to carry it with you into your office, or on the train or bus. Then, simply store it nicely tucked away - it's ideal for those who regularly commute. This style is also often known to be a lightweight bike, this feature (amongst others) makes them the ideal city bikes!

You can purchase this bike at a starting price of £589.00, excluding any delivery charges to your area.

Match your bike with: The Stainless Steel Water Bottle, add this accessory to your purchase for all those long commutes! 

Hummingbird Vintage Bike

The Hummingbird Vintage Bike is one of our most traditional looking bikes. With beautiful silver and black wheels and a lightweight frame design, this bike is sure to fit all of your bike needs, perfect for those casual riders and for leisure riding! 

This bike comes in a range of three colours, these being Blueberry, Yellow and Moody Blue. If you’re wanting to add a modern twist to this vintage-looking bike, try opting for the Yellow or Moody Blue to add a pop of colour. 

You can purchase this bike at a starting price of £589, excluding any delivery charges that may occur to your area.

Match your bike with: The Express Bike Basket, purchase this and add a vintage basket to your bike! 

The kingfisher bike in black (The Bobbin Kingfisher)

Kingfisher Commuter Bike

The Kingfisher Commuter Bike is one of our most recent additions and is a very comfortable bike. Coming in three colours (Blueberry, Black and Moody Blue) this bike has a sleek finish and beautiful aluminium frame. The brown seat and handlebars help to add a vintage twist to this bike, giving off a great look, whatever your riding style.

This bike comes in the sizes of Small and Medium, perfect for smaller riders, and has mudguards matching the colour scheme of the bike. 

You can purchase this bike at a starting price of £589, excluding any delivery charges that may occur to your area.

Match your bike with: The Ciao Bronze Bell, purchase this with your bike to add a vintage twist!

classic bike headlamp (A Classic Bike Headlamp)

Must-Have Accessories

Although we gave you some of the perfect accessories below each bike, we just couldn’t resist adding in some more! Here are some of our favourite accessories to add to your order:

Daytripper Saddlebag: This saddlebag is a handy way of keeping your necessities all safely away without taking up space on the back or front of the bike. This would be ideal for a folding bike.

Embossed Ringer Bell: This bell comes in a range of four colours. It would be the perfect addition to any bike, with a plus of keeping you safe, o course!

Pannier Bike BasketBike baskets are always a handy added extra. This one sit’s next to the rear wheel, saving you plenty of space. The metal frame is ideal if you’re keeping to a vintage look. You could also grab yourself a pannier rack (or "rear rack") to go with this!

Classic Bike Headlamp: When riding a bike safety is key, so adding a headlamp is always a great option! 

Vegan Leather Basket Straps: If you’re adding a basket to your purchase then basket straps will of course be needed. These vegan leather bike straps keep in touch with the vintage look whilst being environmentally friendly.

silver disco helmet

 (Sporting a very dashing helmet)

Matching Helmets

Last but not least, we just had to add in our favourite bike helmets to go with your new bike and matching accessories. After all, safety is paramount!

Metric Bike Helmet (Gloss Moody Blue) - This shiny and bright helmet is the perfect colour if you’re looking for a bike in a darker colour. The shiny material will help cars and passers-by to notice you without causing sun glare! 

Skylark Bike Helmet (Green) - This bike helmet has the shape and style of a more ‘normal-looking’ bike helmet. With air vents at the top, this helmet would be ideal in summer letting in the breeze. 

Starling Bike Helmet (Red) - If you’re looking to add a modern pop to a vintage bike with some bright and exciting colours then this helmet is ideal. The red really stands out, also helping to make sure road users see you!

Mirror Mirror Bike Helmet (Chrome) - This shiny but subtle bike helmet is sure to add the finishing touches to your newly purchased bike! Keeping you safe whilst you cycling whilst still adding a subtle touch to your look.

Brownie7 bike

Recycling Your Old Bike

When you get a new bike, there’s always the question of what you should do with your old bike. Sell it? Give it away to charity? Or let it collect dust in your shed just in case?

Here are some options you have if you don’t know what to do with your old bike: 

Donate it - Your best option (for a bike still in good condition) is to donate it to a local charity store. Just make sure they take bikes before you bring yours down! There are some great charities such as The Bike Project who take second-hand bikes, fix them up and then donate them to refugees in London and Birmingham.

Recycle it - This is the better option if your bike is completely beyond repair. If you have no option but to get rid of it, make sure you’re doing it in a way that doesn't damage the environment.

Sell it for parts - If your bike is damaged but some parts are still usable, you can sell your bike for spare parts. This of course will mean it’ll sell less than selling the bike itself, but it’s a great way of earning off a damaged bike!

Sell it - If your bike is in good enough condition, sell your bike to a bike shop. This will allow someone new to get good use out of it, whilst being able to find an affordable bike they can take off for a bike ride!

Now you have all the knowledge you need on the best bikes we have to offer (and some added extras) you’re all set and ready to get your dream bike and head off on a smooth ride. We have a range of other accessories available, plus some incredible helmets and various different types of bikes, all at the click of a button. 

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