The Best Bike Decorations for Creative Kids

The Best Bike Decorations for Creative Kids

Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that kids can benefit from and enjoy. A little more pedalling can even lead them to exciting adventures!

But some kids might find riding a plain, unadorned bicycle a bit boring. That’s where bike decorations come in! The add-on creative touches can make their riding experience thrilling and a bit more of them.

These decoration ideas are sure to inspire them to create a one-of-a-kind bike that they’ll love to ride.

Kids Bike Accessories

Gingersnap Spare Baskets

Bike accessories or decor can make a huge difference in how much kids enjoy biking. Decorating with fun and colourful attachments allows them to express their creativity. This can make them feel invested in their rides in return.

Besides the fun, there are many other benefits to sprucing up the overall bike frame. For one, it can help them develop their artistic skills and creativity. Even better, giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

Not only that, but kids bike accessories can also provide functional benefits. These include increased visibility with rear lights and safety with bike bells.

And if you and the little ones are interested in getting creative, what’s stopping you from taking the DIY route? Doing this gives everyone complete control over the look and design. Not to mention that it can be a fun bonding activity for parents and kids as well!

1. Handlebar tassels

Handlebar Tassels

Tassels provide a visual reference for where the hands should be placed. They also help improve grip and control. And the best part? The streamers blow in the wind as your kid is cycling, putting a smile on their face.

Adding rainbow-like tassels to the ends of the handlebars can add extra flair. You can use premade tassels from a craft store or make your own using yarn or ribbon.

To DIY: 1.) Cut a piece of yarn or ribbon to your desired length, 2.) then fold it in half and tie another piece of yarn or ribbon around the top to secure it, 3.) cut the loops at the bottom of the tassel and trim the ends to your desired length.

You can also add beads or other embellishments to your tassels for extra pizazz.

2. Bike bells

Embossed Ringer Bell

A bike bell is essential for both road safety and decoration. With a ding-dong, your kid can alert others to their presence, which can prevent accidents. This practice also promotes good cycling habits and etiquette.

When it comes to adornment, not only do bells add a fun sound, but they can also be embellished to match their style. Paint or markers will do for drawing designs or patterns on the bell. Or add stickers or decals to give it some extra personality.

Top tip: Use a small piece of fabric or ribbon to cover the top of the bell, securing it in place with glue or a rubber band.

3. Baskets

Shire Kids Bike Basket

A bike basket is a practical and decorative accessory for kids’ bikes. It’s a 2-in-1 must-have: it gives off a personalised touch and provides storage for toys and snacks. An extra carrier like this lets them focus more on their bike ride and less on carrying their things.

Bike baskets can be a fun decorating opportunity with stickers, decals and paints, too. Tie on colourful ribbons or garlands on the exterior part of the basket. 

Sewing a small fabric liner for the inside also works wonders. This will protect the items or prevent small toys from falling through the holes.

4. Garlands

Bike Basket Garland Craft Kit

Adding garlands to a basket can serve both practical and decorative purposes. From a practical standpoint, a garland can secure any items being carried in the basket. Plus, add visibility to the bike, depending on the material used.

From a decorative stance, garlands can beautify a rather plain basket. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes to suit various interests. Whether a DIY made from craft papers or one adorned with flowers, they can make a bicycle stand out.

To DIY: Use premade garlands or make your own using ribbon, yarn, or paper. Simply tie the garland to the sides of the basket and let the ends hang down for a playful look.

Or opt for the scrapbook paper and a hole punch combination. Simply punch out circles or shapes and string them together using thread or string.

5. Lights

Button Bike Light Set

On top of extra visibility and safety, lights can add a beaming and creative touch to a bike. From colourful LEDs to whimsical ones, such options can reflect a child’s personality.

DIY bike wheel lights, for one, are a popular option for parents. The idea is to use LED string lights to create a light-up effect on the wheels. To do this, wrap the lights around the wheel’s spokes, securing them with tape or zip ties. Or use glow sticks or reflective tape to create a similar effect.

Another DIY bike light idea is to use a battery-powered string of lights to wrap around the bike frame. These lights can be easily attached using zip ties or tape and can be removed when not in use.


Decorating a child’s bike can be a creative way to make riding more enjoyable and personalised. From handlebar tassels and bike bells to baskets and garlands, each adds its own unique touch. Lights provide an extra safety layer while enhancing the bike’s appearance, to add.

Ready to transform that simple bike into a unique expression of your kid’s individuality?

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