Kids BMX Bikes

Up the adventure with one of our BMX-style bikes! Designed to get kids out, about and crashing around, our stylish adventure-styled bikes keep our vintage feel while giving them the tools to play. Choose from a range of styles and colours and find a boy's bike - or girl's bike - that they'll fall in love with.

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Bobbin BMX-Style Bikes

Adventurous kids can be hard to please, but a BMX Bike is one thing that is sure to give them the thrill they’re seeking. We have a selection of BMX-style kid’s bikes, designed in classic Bobbin style, all equipped with reliable safety features that always keep excitable youngsters in safe hands. 

What is Different about a BMX Bike?

BMX Bikes are designed differently to regular bikes to allow them to suit their racing and trick purposes. They are single speed bikes, which means that there are no gears on the model, and they often aren’t equipped with front brakes to allow 360 degree rotation of the front wheel. BMX handlebars are also different to conventional bikes, and are usually raised with a Y-shaped bar.

Our BMX-style bikes don’t include all these features to ensure a completely safe bike, but we retain the BMX feel in our single speed models, all-black tires, and robust frame shapes.

What is the Best BMX Size for Kids?

This depends on how tall your child is - our size guide is the best indicator for which bike you should choose. For kids as young as 4-6 years old, our 16 inch bikes are a great fit with the Arcade 16 being the perfect fit for young kids looking for a taste of BMX action. For kids older than this, our 20 inch bikes and 24 inch bikes are great fits.

The Bobbin Design

When designing our youth BMX bikes, we made sure to retain the one thing that makes Bobbin special - our unique retro style. All our BMX-style bikes keep that unique Bobbin flair, from the adventurous Hornet, to the retro space-invader styled Arcade, and even the sleek Shadowplay.

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