10 Tips For Cycling In London

10 Tips For Cycling In London

Cycling around London with your perfect bike can be a fantastic way to see the city. With these handy tips, we’ve taken our the fear of cycling around London and hopefully, made you more confident!

Stop at red lights - Traffic in London can be busy, so it’s important to obey the rules of the road just as a car would to keep yourself safe.

Make eye contact - Communication is key, make eye contact where necessary and always let others know your intentions.

Parked Cars - Stay away from parked cars, this helps to avoid any unwanted scratches on the paint and helps to avoid accidents from opening doors.

Roads - Stay central on narrow roads, this means people are able to see you easier than they would if you were at the side.

Bright clothing - Wear as many bright colours as you want! The brighter your clothing, the better seen you are.

Helmet - Don’t forget safety is key. Wear your helmet to prevent injury.

Visibility - Use lights so that in the dark and bad weather, you’re still easily seen by others around you.

Pavement - Stay off the pavement, this is the easiest way to injure both a pedestrian and yourself.

Bike maintenance - Before heading off into London, make sure your bike is well looked after and in good condition. This includes lights, tyres, brakes and so much more.

Plan - Planning your journey is the easiest way to avoid injury, especially one caused by traffic. The more you plan, the more confident you’ll be.

Now you’re all ready to head off on the road and enjoy all London has to offer by bike!

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