10 Tips For Cycling 100 Miles

10 Tips For Cycling 100 Miles

100 miles can be a great and rewarding experience. First, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared and give yourself the best start on such a fantastic challenge. Grab your bike, read these tips, and you’ll be good to go!

Eat Every Hour - Make sure you take breaks and eat every hour so your body stays fueled. 

Pace yourself - Don’t rush. Cycling your first 100 miles isn’t a race against yourself.

Hydrate - Make sure you keep drinking, the less you drink, the more tired you’ll be.

Route planning - Having confidence in your route is key, this is the best way to keep going.

Maintenance - Make sure your bike is well maintained and looked after before going on a trip like this.

Mental preparation - Don’t think of it as 100 miles, take it section by section and pace your mind as well as your body.

Power through - Power through that difficult part in the middle, once you’re past that section, you’ll be able to finish in no time!

Reward yourself - At the end of the trip reward yourself. 100 miles is impressive!

Have fun - It’s important to make sure you have fun whilst taking in such an impressive challenge.

Don't be hard on yourself - When something goes wrong, it’s key not to beat yourself down.

Some great tips down and you’re ready to head off! Don’t forget your helmet.

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