10 Tips For Biking In The Countryside

10 Tips For Biking In The Countryside

Riding your bike in the countryside is a fantastic way to spend the summer months with friends or family. It doesn’t need to be scary! We have some great tips for you to try.

Check the route - It’s important to check your route since the countryside is generally unfamiliar.

Be prepared to carry your bike - You’ll often find restricted sections of the path on a route like this.

Stay off private land - It’s not always easy to tell the difference between private land and public land but stay away!

Bring water - Shops are few and far between so make sure you’ve got a water bottle.

Bring snacks - This goes for food too. There won’t be many shops about on a path like this!

Pre-plan your stops - It’s important to make sure everyone knows where and when the next stop is so nobody gets lost!

Prepare for no signal - Stay together, signal might be hard to come by so GPS won’t work.

SPF for the open route - In fields and parks you won’t find much shade so make sure you’ve got your spf on!

Check the weather - You may need to bring waterproofs or maybe even a sunhat and glasses!

Lights for the night There aren’t many street lamps around so bring your lights!

Now you’re all ready to go, you’ve only got to enjoy!

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