10 Tips On How To Cycle Without Getting Sore

10 Tips On How To Cycle Without Getting Sore

Getting sore is the part everyone dreads the most when it comes to cycling, especially on long trips. Here, we have some great tips on how you can avoid a sore body when you’re using your bike!

Stand - Stand on the pedals every once in a while so you don’t get stiff legs or a stiff back.

Saddle - Adjust the height and tilt of your saddle so you’re comfortable.

Gloves - Try wearing gloves so you don’t get handlebar burns.

Handlebars - Try grips on the handlebars so you’re more stable.

Breaks - Take regular breaks and let your body move and adjust after being sat down.

Practice - The more you cycle, the more you’ll be able to ride without getting sore.

Clothing - If you’re getting sore riding, try changing up your clothes to help.

Change - If you’ve changed your clothing and saddle height or tilt and you’re still sore, try changing your saddle all together.

Bike health - Make sure your bike is in working condition otherwise you might be putting in more work than you need to be.

Enjoy - Don’t put pressure on yourself. You’re not a machine, give your body breaks and fuel when you need or want it. 

You’re all ready to set off now you have these tips!

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