Where to Cycle with Stabilisers

Where to Cycle with Stabilisers


Is your little rider ready to cycle and ride their bike with stabilisers? If so, you’ll want to find the best place to set those training wheels in motion. In this guide, we’ll explore our top five locations for you to consider and try out.

1. Cycle with children on residential streets

Brownie Junior 16” Wheel

A low-traffic neighbourhood can be a great place for your child to learn and practice cycling. Here, they can pedal leisurely without the constant worry of oncoming cars. Plus, safety is heightened in such areas, away from the hustle and bustle of busier roads.

Tip: Make sure the street you choose is safe for cycling. Look for streets with bike lanes, reduced speed limits, and clear signage. Also, familiarise yourself with any local traffic regulations and teach your child the rules of cycling. This can help ensure their own safety but also that of others on the road.

2. Local parks for child-friendly cycling

There’s nothing better than a child riding their Bobbin kid’s bike with their parents on a weekend outing. So, why not take advantage of your local park on your next family bike ride?

Parks often have wide paths or sidewalks that make them excellent cycling hubs. Both kids and adult riders can enjoy the smooth, even surfaces with nature as the backdrop. Your family can relax, bond, and enjoy the natural setting. You can even have a picnic along the way!

3. Riding in the school car park

Moonbug 16” Wheel

School parking can be spacious enough for children to ride their bikes while parents supervise. The flat, open expanse allows your little one to ride freely with minimal obstacles. Make sure to visit during weekends and holidays, as these lots are usually vacant during these times. It’s a reminder, though, to always seek permission from the school authorities out of courtesy.

4. Local community centres

Most community centres have designated areas for cycling and convenient restroom facilities. Even better, you can get assistance from experienced staff members. This makes these centres a win-win choice for families teaching children to ride bikes.

Tip: Be sure to inquire about specific rules regarding cycling in those areas. Knowing the operating hours also ensures that you plan your visit at a time when the centre is open and accessible for cycling activities.

5. Bike trails

Moonbug 16” Wheel

Riding on a mountain bike path is another fantastic way to spend a family weekend. Parents don’t have to wait until kids can ride their own hybrid bikes to enjoy this activity. However, you have to cycle closely with your children, and it’s even better if there’s a dedicated kiddie track for them.

Budding cyclists can take advantage of the gentle, flat pathways. Meanwhile, those seeking an adventure shouldn’t miss the challenging terrains. Again, it helps to conduct some research before hitting the trail. This can help you find local trails suitable for young riders. 

For more ideas, consider reading this guide to off-trail adventures for kids.

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