12-Inch Bikes Buying Guide

12-Inch Bikes Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect Bobbin bike for your child can be a thrilling yet daunting task. This is where 12-inch bicycles come to the rescue. However, finding the right one is crucial for their safety and enjoyment.

So in this guide, we’ll steer through the terrain of 12 inch kids bikes. Join us as we explore why they’re the ideal choice for young riders. We’ll also offer insights on how to select the right size, the types available, features to consider, and more!

Why Choose a 12 Inch Kids Bike

Moonbug 12” Wheel

When introducing your little one to the joys of cycling, 12-inch bikes stand out as a perfect choice. Their suitability stems from several key factors.

These bikes are tailored to the needs of young children aged 2 to 4, measuring between 2’10” and 3’4” (86cm to 102 cm) in height. This size range ensures that they can reach the pedals, handlebars, and ground with ease. Spoiler: There are no-pedal models available!

Moreover, this diameter is designed with safety in mind. Their lower height and lightweight frames reduce the risk of accidents. At the same time, the process of learning to balance and pedal fosters confidence. This helps children embark on a lifelong journey of cycling adventures with enthusiasm.

Sizing Matters

Skylark 12” Wheel

Selecting the correct bike size for kids is paramount. A bike that’s too large can be unwieldy, while one thats too small can hinder comfort and control.

A practical rule of thumb is to consider your child’s height. For 12-inch bikes, they are typically designed for youngsters with a height range of 2'10" to 3'4" (86 cm to 102 cm). Measure your little one’s height and use this range as a guideline to match them with the ideal dimension.

Types Available

There are two main options, each offering distinct advantages and considerations:

Kids balance bikes

Gingersnap 12” Balance Bike

These bikes, devoid of pedals, promise to focus on developing balance and coordination. A great example is this Bobbin Gingersnap balance bike. Pros include a smoother transition to pedal bikes, enhanced confidence, and balance. However, their main drawback is a shorter period of use, as children tend to outgrow them faster.

Top tip: Our guide to “What to Do When Your Child Outgrows Their Bike” is a worthwhile read!

Pedal bikes

Gingersnap 12” Wheel

Equipped with pedals, these bikes facilitate an earlier transition to traditional bikes. Our Gingersnap bike collection is also available with pedals. They encourage pedalling skills from the start. The downside is a potentially steeper learning curve, which may need more time for some kids.

The choice hinges on your child’s age, experience, and personal preferences.

Features to Look For

Skylark 12” Wheel

  1. Frame material: Opt for lightweight, durable materials like aluminium or steel.
  2. Weight: A lightweight bike is easier for young riders to handle and control.
  3. Handlebars: Adjustable handlebars accommodate growth, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.
  4. Brakes: Reliable brakes, often coaster (pedal) or hand brakes, enhance control and safety.
  5. Tires: Pneumatic provides a smoother ride and better traction than solid rubber ones.
  6. Safety features: Look for safety pads, chain guards, and reflectors to maximise protection.
  7. Quality construction: A well-built bike with attention to detail ensures longevity and safety.

Budget Considerations

The price range for 12-inch bikes can vary widely, accommodating different budgets. While quality is essential, there are options to suit various financial considerations. You’ll find budget-friendly models that offer decent quality. And higher-end choices with advanced features. Regardless of your budget, prioritise safety, quality, and the right fit to ensure a fulfilling cycling experience.


In the journey to find the perfect 12-inch wheel bike for your child, you’ve explored a myriad of options. You can choose from no-pedal balance bikes to (with) pedal models. Your child’s age, experience, and liking play a vital role in the decision-making process. Prioritise safety, opting for lightweight frames, proper brakes, and quality construction.

While price ranges may vary, quality should never be compromised. But rest assured, there are options to fit your budget, especially when you know where to shop. Here’s to countless hours of joy on two wheels with Bobbin! Explore our range of children bicycles available in various sizes and colours.

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