Are Kids BMX Bikes Cheaper than Normal Bikes?

Are Kids BMX Bikes Cheaper than Normal Bikes?

As children embrace the joy of biking, parents face the challenge of picking the right bikes. This is where the BMX vs traditional bikes dilemma comes in - particularly, which one is cheaper? In this blog, we will uncover the factors that influence their prices. Join us as we look into the features and expenses that decide if a BMX or a standard bicycle is the smarter choice!

Overview of Kids BMX Bikes

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Kid's BMX bikes, short for Bicycle Motocross, are designed for off-road cycling and stunts. Kids love them as they’re perfect for doing tricks and stunts, giving them that adrenaline rush. These bikes have compact frames, sturdy build, and smaller wheels. Such remarkable features make them ideal for acrobatic manoeuvres and jumps. BMX bikes are not just a means of transportation but a tool for exciting adventures!

Key features that set kids’ BMX bikes apart from normal bicycles include:

  • their smaller size
  • reinforced frames for durability during tricks
  • knobby tires for better traction on dirt tracks
  • a single-speed gear system for simplicity

Overall, BMX bikes are easy to handle and tough enough for action-packed biking rides.

Cost factors

There are several factors play a role in determining the pricing of kids’ BMX bikes. First, the materials used significantly influence their price tag. High-quality materials, such as lightweight alloys or carbon fibre, often result in more expensive bikes. The design complexity and innovation also contribute. That leaves bikes with intricate features or unique designs being pricier.

Another determinant is the brand reputation. Well-known brands may cost more as they have a reputation for quality and durability. However, emerging brands can offer competitive options at more affordable prices.

In terms of specific price ranges, basic kids’ BMX bikes can start from £100 to £200. Meanwhile, premium models with advanced features can range from £300 to £600 or more. Understanding these factors helps parents choose wisely based on their budget and the features they’re looking for.

Characteristics of Standard Bikes

Arcade 20” Wheel 

Standard bikes cater to diverse cycling needs with their versatile design. They come in different styles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes. Bobbin bikes, for instance, offer a range of stylish and functional bicycles.

They are well-equipped for daily commuting (e.g. city bikes) and leisure or longer journeys. Key features and specifications that make standard bikes suitable for various purposes include:

  • comfortable geometry
  • multiple gears for different terrains
  • reliable braking systems
  • sturdy frames built from materials like aluminium or steel

The design prioritises efficiency, comfort, and practicality. This makes them adaptable to commuting through city streets or tackling off-road trails. Their versatility is ideal for riders seeking a well-rounded and dependable cycling experience.

Cost factors

When it comes to standard bike pricing, the type of bicycle plays a crucial role. Road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes come with different cost markers. Next, the brand’s reputation contributes significantly. Well-known brands often charge more due to their established quality. Moreover, like BMX, the bike’s construction also impacts pricing. Not to mention the level of technology and innovation incorporated into the design.

For specific price ranges, basic standard bikes can start from £200 to £500. Whereas high-end models with advanced features may range from £600 to £1,500 or more.

Price Comparison

Comparing the average prices of both shows interesting findings. On average, basic kids’ BMX bikes range from £100 to £200, offering an affordable entry point for parents. In contrast, standard bikes start from £200 and extend to £500 for basic models. Higher-end standard bikes with advanced features may escalate the price range to £600 to £1,500 or more.

Entry-level kids’ BMX bikes make a great choice for budget-conscious parents. Meanwhile, standard bikes have a wider price range due to the different types available. This suggests that BMX bikes are generally more budget-friendly.

Considerations for parents

Making an informed choice involves balancing budget constraints and your children’s preferences. Set up a realistic spending capacity and explore options within that scope. Consider your little one’s interests and the intended use of the bike as well.

When buying online, read reviews to gauge the durability and performance of the model. Additionally, consult with experienced parents or bike enthusiasts for recommendations. Feel free to use our Bobbin bikes review guide for reference.

Remember, prioritising safety features and the right size for your child is crucial. Test rides, when possible, can also provide valuable insights.


So, will you go for a Kids BMX bike or a standard model? Make sure to choose one that fits your budget and meets your child’s preferences. Balancing these factors ensures a satisfying investment. Also, keep safety features and size in mind! Explore affordable options without compromising quality.

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