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Expand your offering by joining the Bobbin trading community. For those who share our passion for beautifully designed vintage bicycles, and wish to expand their business offerings, our trader program is the place to be. Discover the perks of joining then sign up using the form on this page.

Become a Bobbin Trader

Why Team Up with Bobbin Bikes as a Trader?

  • Introduce your customers to the distinctive and eye-catching designs that set Bobbin Bikes apart.

  • With our special trader pricing, you can take advantage of competitive margins and take steps towards profitable returns.

  • Our trader support team is always ready to assist, with everything from product specifications to marketing assets and customer brochures on-hand.

  • Utilise our efficient dropshipping distribution system for hands-free selling. Delivery to your customer’s door is handled all by us.

Why Partner with Garden Buildings Direct as a Trader?

Embarking on Your Bobbin Bikes Trader Adventure

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