How to Bike Safely in Skirts & Dresses: Best Tips

How to Bike Safely in Skirts & Dresses: Best Tips

Biking is an exhilarating way to get around. But if you’re someone who loves wearing skirts or dresses, you know the struggle.

Riding a bike in a skirt or dress can be a fashionista’s conundrum. One gust of wind or an unexpected hitch, and you’re left feeling exposed and uncomfortable. But fear not, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll share the best tips on how to pedal confidently on your Bobbin bike. Read on and worry less about wardrobe malfunctions.

Assessment of Risks Riding a Bike With a Skirt or a Dress

Female cyclist wearing a skirt

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This initial step is crucial to ensure your safety and comfort while pedalling in style. When riding a bike in a skirt or dress, several potential issues may arise. First, there’s the risk of your skirt getting caught in the bike’s chain or spokes. This can lead to accidents or damage to your clothing.

Wearing a long skirt can also obstruct your vision of the pedals and the road. This can increase the likelihood of accidents. Wind gusts can also lift your skirt, causing discomfort or embarrassment.

To minimise these dilemmas, it’s important to choose the right type of skirt or dress. Also, consider factors like length, fabric, and fit. Additionally, mastering proper bike mounting and dismounting techniques helps. Using bike accessories like skirt guards and bicycle clips also works wonders.

Choosing the Right Dress/Skirt for Bike Riding

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If you want to wear skirt on bike or learn how to ride a bike with a skirt, go ahead! However, it’s essential to select the appropriate skirt or dress for this purpose. This not only guarantees your safety but also enhances your style. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect outfit:

  • Length matters: Opt for dresses or skirts that are knee-length or above. Shorter hemlines reduce the risk of getting tangled in ladies bikes’ mechanisms.
  • Fabric selection: Choose breathable and stretchy fabrics. Fabrics like cotton blends or jerseys provide comfort and flexibility.
  • A-line or wrap styles: A-line and wrap dresses/skirts are less likely to catch in the wind or bike components. They also offer more freedom of movement.
  • Tight-fitting shorts: Wearing tight-fitting shorts underneath can help prevent chafing. Plus, ensure modesty in case of unexpected gusts.
  • Secure with clips: Use bicycle clips or rubber bands to keep the hem of your dress or skirt secured while riding. Doing so also prevents it from flapping or getting caught.
  • Consider bike-friendly designs: Some brands offer bike-friendly dresses and skirts for cyclists. These often have features like reflective elements and reinforced hems.

By following these tips, riding a bike in a skirt or dress is a breeze!

Try Out the Penny Trick!

Ladies, the “penny trick” can be your secret weapon for riding a bike in a skirt or dress! Here’s how it works: Before mounting your commuter bicycle, place a penny or a similar coin on your saddle. Then, position it towards the back. This little trick prevents your skirt or dress from catching on the saddle. For one, the fabric drapes over the coin rather than getting tangled in the seat.

It’s a simple and effective way to ensure a smooth and stylish ride. Just remember to remove the coin when you dismount. With the penny trick, you can confidently pedal in your favourite skirts - even in your bike to work outfit!

Binder Clips Method

This is another clever solution for you, ladies! It works by securing the hem of your skirt or dress on one side with a binder clip. This prevents the fabric from flapping and getting caught in the bike’s gears.

It’s a discreet and simple way to maintain your style and comfort while cycling. Just ensure the clip is fastened securely to prevent any mishaps. With this method, you can enjoy a worry-free ride.


How do you sit on a bike with a short skirt?

To sit on a bike with a short skirt, position yourself on the saddle first. Then, carefully drape your skirt’s fabric over your lap. Ensure it’s evenly spread to prevent discomfort or exposure. If you’re concerned about modesty, wear tight-fitting shorts underneath for added confidence.

How do you sit in a long skirt?

When wearing a long skirt on a bike, gather the excess fabric and pull it to one side before sitting. This prevents the skirt from tangling in the bike’s components. Ensure it’s secured to the side to avoid interference with your pedalling.

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