How to Do Easy BMX Tricks for Kids

How to Do Easy BMX Tricks for Kids

Welcome to the thrilling world of BMX riding for kids! In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of mastering easy bicycle motocross tricks. As parents, we understand the importance of building confidence from the start. Safety is our top priority. Here, we’ll begin by ensuring your child has the right gear and a properly sized Bobbin bike. From there, we’ll dive into the fundamentals. Read on, and get ready to witness your child’s skills soar with enthusiasm!

Safety First

Young competitors going through the BMX course during the validation exercise at Tampines Bike Park

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Prioritise safety for your young BMX enthusiast. Protective gear like a bike helmet and knee and elbow pads are non-negotiable. Stress this significance to ensure a secure and enjoyable riding experience. Additionally, consider the appropriate bike size for your child for comfort and control. Optimal kid's BMX bike size ensures easier manoeuvring and reduces the risk of accidents.

Briefly educate yourself on sizing guidelines. You may also consult with a professional to guarantee the perfect fit. These steps lay a solid foundation for your kid’s BMX journey, ensuring they can ride with peace of mind.

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Essential BMX Gear and Maintenance

Young kids BMX.

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Gain insight into the must-have BMX equipment to boost your child’s riding experience. Begin with an overview of the basics, including the bike and brakes. The bike’s design directly influences manoeuvrability and control during tricks. In a BMX bike model, this covers the frame, tires, and handlebars. Well-maintained brakes ensure quick and responsive stops. These factors are crucial for preventing accidents and maintaining overall safety. Together, they enhance the rider’s ability to execute tricks with precision. Minimised mishap risks are also guaranteed, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

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Equally important is the upkeep of the BMX bike for optimal functionality. Regular cleaning preserves the bike’s functionality and appearance. Checking tire pressure ensures proper traction and control. Ensuring brake efficiency is a safety measure. This provides reliable stopping power during tricks or sudden manoeuvres. Maintenance, overall, prolongs the life of the bike’s gear and contributes to rider safety.

Easy BMX Tricks for Kids

Uncover the excitement through these simple yet exhilarating BMX tricks below. Optimise your practice sessions by selecting the perfect location for these tricks. For suggestions, refer to our guide on ‘the best place to ride a bike’.

1. Bunny hop

A young rider having fun, bunny hopping his bike up and down the steps by the side of the Bistro Square.

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Bunny hops are the perfect starting point for young BMX enthusiasts. To perform:

  • Start in a riding position, knees bent.
  • Crouch and pull up the handlebars towards the chest.
  • Simultaneously lift both wheels off the ground.
  • Straighten the legs to level the bike.
  • Land with knees slightly bent for a smooth touchdown.

Common mistakes, such as uneven lifts or insufficient crouching, can hinder progress. Counter these errors by refining techniques and practising consistently. For one, bend your knees deeply before lifting and focus on a simultaneous lift for balance. Prioritise safety with a helmet and suitable protective gear. As kids embrace the joy of bunny hops, they develop skills for a thrilling BMX journey!

2. Manual

A silhouette of a young rider performing the ‘manual’ BMX trick.

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In BMX, a manual is a trick where the rider lifts the front wheel and rides on the back wheel alone. To start learning and improving, follow these steps:

  • Begin in a balanced riding stance.
  • Shift your weight backwards while lifting the front wheel with controlled momentum.
  • Find the sweet spot to maintain balance, adjusting weight distribution as needed.
  • Gently feather the rear brake for stability.
  • Practice consistently to improve control and duration.

For practice exercises:

  • Start with short manuals, gradually increasing distance.
  • Practice on various surfaces for adaptability.
  • Experiment with turning while in a manual for advanced skills.

Mastering the ‘manual’ adds flair to BMX riding and enhances overall bike control. Good luck!

3. Fakie riding

Young rider performing the ‘fakie riding’ BMX trick.

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This BMX trick involves a bit of tricky moves. Riders must move backwards on the bike while facing in the same direction as regular riding. To get started:

  • Begin by rolling forward at a slow pace.
  • Shift your weight slightly backward. Turn the handlebars opposite to your normal riding direction.
  • Keep a gentle and controlled pedal stroke to maintain backward momentum.
  • Focus on a balanced weight distribution between both wheels.

In case of loss of balance, practice in a straight line initially. Then, gradually introduce turns. For difficulty in pedal control, master it in regular riding before attempting fakie. Mastering this trick can add a playful twist to your child’s repertoire.

4. 180-degree turn

The 180-degree turn pivots the bike halfway around while maintaining forward motion. To successfully execute this trick:

  • Position your front foot angled toward the direction of the turn.
  • Initiate the turn by shifting your weight and looking over your shoulder.
  • Use your arms to guide the handlebars smoothly through the turn.
  • Maintain a centred balance to prevent tipping.

To practise drills:

  • Start with small turns and gradually increase the angle.
  • Practice on different surfaces to adapt to varying conditions.
  • Experiment with turning in both directions for well-rounded skills.

Perfecting the 180-degree turn enhances a rider’s agility and control. It sets the stage for more intricate manoeuvres in the dynamic world of BMX.


As we wrap up this journey, these easy BMX tricks for kids are a step toward mastery and confidence. Safety and practice are the pillars of success in this thrilling adventure. Encourage your young riders to explore, learn, and enjoy the exciting realm of BMX. Equip them with the right gear and knowledge, along with dedication. Not only will they master tricks, but they will also develop a lifelong passion for BMX riding.

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