What Size Wheels Do BMX Bikes Have?

What Size Wheels Do BMX Bikes Have?

The wheel size in a BMX bike plays a pivotal role in a rider’s riding experience. It affects everything from manoeuvrability to stability. If you’ve ever wondered, “What size wheels do BMX bikes have?” you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll uncover the basics and explore the factors influencing your choice. And, of course, some practical tips for selecting the right one for your child’s riding style await!

BMX Wheel Sizes

Arcade 20” Wheel

BMX wheel sizes are typically measured in inches. The most common being 20 inches — the standard for many BMX  and Kid's BMX bikes. This size offers a balance of agility and control for various riding styles. Beyond this popular dimension, other options contribute to the diversity in BMX biking.

For instance, 24 inch bikes have carved a niche, catering to specific preferences. These larger wheels provide different dynamics, emphasising stability and speed. They cater to the unique needs of riders who prefer a more specialised approach to their BMX rides.

Explore our latest additions, the Arcade 20 and Arade 24, for your reference. Both models boast identical features, complete with 8-speed gears. The key distinction lies in their wheel sizes, catering to different age groups.

For starters, 16 inch wheels are recommended, suited for riders aged 4 to 6. They offer a balance of stability and manoeuvrability as kids gain confidence. Designed for riders aged 6 to 8, 18-inch wheels also work wonders. They provide a stepping stone between smaller and standard 20” for more speed and control.

From the outset, riders have experimented to balance speed, manoeuvrability, and stability. From the earliest days to the present, these BMX wheels have undergone changes. This brief journey lays the foundation for exploring the diverse BMX wheel sizes. Moreover, how they influence today’s biking experiences.

Choosing the Right BMX Wheel Size

Arcade 20” Wheel

Rider height plays a pivotal role in determining the ideal BMX wheel size. A taller rider may find a larger wheel, such as a 24-inch, more comfortable. This option can offer better stability and control, to add. Conversely, shorter riders often prefer the agility provided by standard 20-inch wheels. Striking the right balance ensures a comfortable and efficient riding experience.

Considerations of riding style are paramount when selecting BMX wheel sizes. Riders who enjoy tricks and jumps often prefer smaller wheels for better manoeuvrability. For one, it enables swift and precise movements. In contrast, those focused on dirt or park disciplines may opt for larger wheels. Such choices grant the ideal stability during landings and transitions. Tailoring the wheel size to match specific riding styles enhances performance and enjoyment.

The impact of wheel size extends to manoeuvrability and stability on the BMX bike. Smaller wheels enhance quick turns and spins, ideal for intricate tricks. Larger wheels, in comparison, provide a smoother ride, enhancing stability. Moreover, they are preferred for high-speed and big air situations.

Ultimately, understanding these factors ensures riders can make informed choices. This helps optimise their BMX experience based on height, riding style, and preferences.

Pros and Cons of Different BMX Wheel Sizes

Smaller wheel sizes in BMX bikes come with distinct advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side, smaller wheels enhance manoeuvrability. This, overall, makes them ideal for riders focused on tricks and precise movements. However, their drawback lies in potentially sacrificing stability. This is especially the dilemma during high-speed rides or landings.

Meanwhile, larger wheel sizes offer unique benefits and drawbacks. The advantages include increased stability and a smoother ride. In turn, they make it suitable for riders who prioritise speed and aerial manoeuvres. Now, the downside involves a potential compromise in manoeuvrability. This factor can impact the bike’s agility during tricks and quick turns.

Looking at professional riders helps us understand their preferred wheel sizes. For instance, Jake Smith favours smaller wheels to execute intricate tricks with finesse. Known for his street riding skills, Scotty Cranmer has experience with various wheel sizes. His choice of wheel size contributes to his ability to perform complex manoeuvres. These show how the choice of wheel is a personalised decision based on one’s riding style and preference.


Choosing the right BMX wheel size is essential for a great riding experience. From history to considering factors like height and style, every detail matters. Overall, the key is to match your BMX experience with your preferences and riding goals.

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