Swingo Mounting Instructions

This page refers to the Swingo light

Please note: light is designed for use on retro/vintage bikes with steel forks.

The bracket is for mounting the light in-between the calliper brake and the front fork.

To fit the light you must remove the front brake. If you are unsure how to do this, we strongly recommend paying a bike mechanic to do it for you. We are not responsible for incorrectly fitted lights.

We cannot guarantee this light will fit bikes with v-brakes, basket brackets or front racks.

This light must not be used on bikes with:
Short-drop calliper road brakes
Cantilever brakes
Brakes with short, recessed hex bolts
Carbon forks
Aluminium frames

The light bracket is flat. Your fork is rounded. You must place the rounded washer from your brake in-between the two or you will snap the bracket. Order of mounting from front to back:

1. Brake
2. Standard washer
3. Light bracket
4. Rounded washer
5. Fork

6.Washer (back of fork)
7. Nut (back of fork)