Need some help with choosing your bike, getting it delivered, or maintaining it? Check out these commonly-asked questions. You can message us at the bottom of the page, or use the yellow live chat, text and call buttons. We're here to help!






Question: Whats the difference between the Brownie 3, 7 and 21 ?

Answer: The gears. You can compare the gears here.  Brownie 3 is the most low maintenance option. The gears are sealed inside the wheel and rarely need cleaning or adjusting. It has one thumb shifter and you can change gear when you're stationary (handy at traffic lights). The three gears are widely spaced out and suitable for most leisure riding. Brownie 7 has external gears. The chain moves up and down the cogs on the back when you change gear using the thumb shifter. It takes only a small amount of maintenance to keep the shifting smooth. You have seven gears to choose from and the range is suitable for most leisure riding. Brownie 21 is the most complex option and needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the gear-changing smooth. There are two shifters and two sets of cogs (three on the front, seven on the back). Combined, this gives twenty one gears, although you'll likely use no more than twelve of them regularly. The hardest gear will get you motoring along at speed and the easiest gears will get you up an alpine pass (if you feel the urge!).


NB. The Brownie 21 also comes with a carrier rack. This can be purchased separately for the Brownie 3 and 7.





Question: What size do I need?

Answer: Most of our adults bikes come in two sizes. To find your size, see our sizing chart here.






Question: How much do your bikes weigh?

Answer: Not as much as you think! Adults bikes typically weigh anything from 10.5kg to 15kg. Weights are given on each product page.




Question: Which bikes are better for hills?

Answer: All our geared bikes can be ridden over hills.  Check out more details on the product pages.






Question: Can I fit a basket?

Answer: Yes! We have a great selection of backets, racks and fitting. See the accessories page to find the right one. Click here to find the correct bracket for your basket. Click here to check that bracket fits your bike.


Question: Do your children's bikes come with stabilisers (training wheels)?

Answer: 12" and 16” wheel models include colour-matched stabilisers.


Question: Can I fit a childseat?

Answer: Yes you can. We have many Bobbin riders using child seats. You can either fit a rear carrier-mounting seat or a frame-mounting seat. Carrier-mounting seats are generally easier to fit; please be aware you will need a rear carrier with a weight limit of 25kg for this (the Bobbin alloy rear carrier , for example). Frame-mounting seats are not recommended for the S/M frame sizes. Contact us if you need more advice on this.


Question: Do you fit my accessories for me?

Answer: No, you'll need to fit additional accessories when you assemble your bike.






Question: Where can I buy Bobbin bikes?

Answer: You can buy our latest range right here, direct from Bobbin. Alternatively you can buy from Evans Cycles and We also have a network of dealers globally, from Clapton to California and Christchurch; see our dealer page here. Note: they may have a different selection.






Question: What payments do Bobbin accept?

Answer: You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Applepay and Paypal. Other payment options will be available very soon.


Question: Does Bobbin offer finance options?

Answer: Not yet, but this will be available very soon.


Question: Does Bobbin accept Cyclescheme vouchers?

Answer: Yes. Please message us your order and we will set up the paperwork for you.






Question: How are the bikes delivered?

Answer: Your bike will be delivered to you in a large box. You will be given an approximate delivery time and date with your order confirmation. Bike deliveries are usually within 2 days of ordering in mainland UK.



Question: Do you deliver outside the UK?

Answer: Yes we do. For a full list of destinations check here. Please contact us for a quote if your delivery destination does not appear on the list.



Question: How much is delivery?

Answer: It depends where you live. Check here.






Question: Can I return something?

Answer: Yes, if new and unused in original condition and packaging within 30 days of purchase. For more information check here.



Question: Are Bobbin returns free?

Answer: No, you’ll need to cover the postage and there is a restocking fee for bikes. For more information check here.






Question: I need help assembling my product

Answer: You can check out our detailed assembly instructions here.






Question: I have a problem with my bike. Can you help?

Answer: If you're a consumer and you bought a bike from us directly, please contact us directly. If you're a consumer and you bought a bike from a bike shop, please contact them first. You can find our warranty policy here.