Frequently Asked Questions Adult Bikes

FAQs Adult bikes

Which Bobbin bike size will fit me?

Bobbin bikes will fit most sizes, whether tall of petite. Don’t know your bike size? It’s really easy to find the correct fit by measuring your inside leg, from the sole of your foot to the inside of your thigh. Then check your height. To find your size, see our sizing chart here. Some of our adult bikes come in two sizes, others are one-size-fits all.

Can I try the bike before I buy it?

Our entire range is available exclusively from our web store. We don't have a physical store or outlets in the UK. We can answer any sizing or product queries you might have.

How are the bikes delivered?

Your bike will be delivered to you in a large box. You will be given an approximate delivery time and date with your order confirmation.

For detailed assembly instructions, with pictures, click here

How to collect your adult bike fully assembled?

  1. Find your closest store on our map of partner stores
  2. Contact us and we will email you your order and payment link
  3. We charge £40; this includes delivery and assembly by a qualified mechanic
  4. Once paid for, your order will be ready to pick up within 7 days 
    Please note collection stores need time to assembly your bike properly; if you need your bike ASAP the fastest way is to select home delivery and self-assemble
  5. T&Cs: Service available on UK orders for Adult bikes only. Storage charges apply if bike not picked up within 7 days. Cycle Scheme orders will be charged £40 + delivery

Are Bobbin adults bikes only for ladies?

Absolutely not! We have plenty of men riding Bobbin bikes, including music legend Damon Albarn. In Holland and other European countries it’s normal for men to ride ‘Omafiets’ (translates as ‘Granny Bike’). The step-through frame of our classic bikes, Birdie and Brownie is actually very handy for lots of men. Maybe you’re commuting in a suit, have a child seat, or simply fancy the comfort of not having to lift your leg over the bike frame to get on/off.

What is the weight of a Bobbin bike?

You can see the weight of each bike in the Technical Specification on each product page. Our bike weights include all the useful features that come on the bike; often mudguards, rear carrier, chain guard, sprung saddle and bell. We always aim to design the best product possible, taking into account comfort and practicality, price, weight, and of course, looks.

Can I fit a child seat to a Bobbin bike? Can I use my existing bike rack with a child bike seat?

Yes you can. We have many Bobbin riders using child seats. You can either fit a rear carrier-mounting seat or a frame-mounting seat. Carrier-mounting seats are generally easier to fit; please be aware you will need a rear carrier with a weight limit of 25kg for this (the Bobbin alloy rear carrier , for example).

**Frame-mounting seats are not recommended for the S/M frame sizes**

Can I fit a basket to a Bobbin bike?

Yes! We have a great selection of baskets, racks and fitting. See the accessories page to find the right one. Click here to find the correct bracket for your basket. Click here to check that bracket fits your bike.

What's the difference between the Brownie and the Birdie?

The main difference between these two classic Bobbin bikes is the gears: the Brownie has 21 gears - suitable for hilly areas, and the Birdie has 7 gears - ideal for most cycling in less hilly areas. The Brownie also have a slightly lighter alloy frame - good if you are carrying your bike up and down stairs, for example.

Does Bobbin accept Cycle to Work vouchers?

Yes - we accept Cyclescheme vouchers. Unfortunately we do not accept vouchers from Halfords, Evans Ride to Work, or any other providers.

Please message us your order and we will set up the paperwork for you. Alternatively your work place can set up it's own Cycle to Work payment plan for you. Check with your HR department for more information.

What can I buy on Cycle to Work Scheme?

You can buy adult bikes and accessories. Your order must include an adult bike.

How can I place a Cycle Scheme order?

Please email your order at Let us know what bikes and accessories you want to purchase. Please let us know your delivery address and contact details, eCertificate number and redemption code.