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Will my basket carrier fit my Bobbin bike?

Our most popular basket carrier is Front Carrier E and that fits all sizes of Birdie and Brownie as well as other models. To check this and other carriers please see our info here

Which carrier do I need for my Bobbin basket?

Check the product page to see if there is carrier recommendation for your basket. Generally, smaller baskets do not need carriers to support them, but for larger ones such as Cambridge or Allotment Tall/Large it is recommended.

Can I carry my pet on a Bobbin basket?

Our largest and most suitable pet-carrying baskets are the Cambridge and Allotment Tall/Large. Check the weight limits on each basket to make sure you are not overloading it. It looks extremely cute and it's fun to ride together with your buddy but of course your pet is your responsibility so please be mindful of this.