Corona Information Page

Worried about ordering during the Corona Virus Lockdowns? Don’t be worried :) All your questions are answered here:


I have ordered something

Will my order arrive on time now?

We are trying to deliver on time. However, please allow a few days shipping delay. See banner at top of website for daily updates. Please be patient we will get your order to you as soon as possible :)

If you need urgent delivery help please contact us here or use our website Live Chat during office hours.

Why don’t I have my tracking number yet? My tracking number doesn't work

There may be a short delay getting your tracking number or email shipping confirmation from Bobbin’s system. Occasionally these may arrive after you get your parcel. Please ignore this.

DPD will message you directly about your parcel. Please watch out for schedule changes from DPD as they adjust their daily driver schedules. DPD are exceptionally busy juggling orders for many companies.

Can I still use Pick Up Shop?

Our courier may have suspended this service in your area. To check, enter your postcode here. If there are no results, this is currently not an option.

Can I speak to someone at Bobbin?

Please use the Live Chat button to connect with us.

Please note it is easier for us to communicate on Live Chat as we can send you links etc. Also, we are very busy and Live Chat helps us to help multiple customers at the same time.

How do I return my order? Where is my refund?

Please use the return page. Please contact us if you have any issues.

If you have an approved refund and have returned something, please allow us 7 days to check the item condition and process the refund.

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I want to order something

Are you still delivering?

Yes! We are currently very busy and we are trying to deliver on time.

Are you currently delivering to (my address) during lockdown?

Can you checkout? The answer is yes. If you can't checkout, the answer is no. For daily updates, please check our web banner. The situation is changing constantly.


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Is Bobbin ok?

Is Bobbin still operating?

Yes. Our London office team is working from home and our Nottingham warehouse team are still operating on site, under strict health and safety supervision. Bike shops and supply chain/logistics workers are classed as essential workers by the UK government. We are proud to be able to offer safe employment and encourage the public in their daily exercise. We continue to contribute to the UK finances through corporation tax, PAYE, NI and VAT payments.

How has Corona effected things at Bobbin?

Corona has effected operations in a few ways.

  • We have had a surge in demand and we are very busy indeed.
  • Our office team is getting used to new remote working systems.
  • Our warehouse is adjusting to strict new safety procedures and staff rotas.
  • Our couriers are exceptionally busy delivering parcels for other companies as well as Bobbin.

On the supply side, we have delays on goods coming into our warehouse, plus high demand, which means we will run out of some items.

In summary, it's a very challenging time and we are trying our best. We need a little bit of flex as we overcome these challenges.

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