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Children's Bike Helmets

Cute and safe! All kids helmets from Bobbin are certified for cycling and skating. If your child loves to go mountain biking, or if they ride electric bikes, a skateboard or a scooter, you need to make sure they have a quality safety helmet. Get personalised safety gear that's way more than just an accessory. Whether your child is looking for an orange, white or another colour, we've got you covered.

When you need to buy a comfortable and durable helmet in kids or junior sizes, simply come to us! Finding a quality helmet for any age group at a great price is easy when you shop with Bobbin.

Whether your child is out to have fun with their BMX bike or even their trike, this shouldn't cause you to worry about their safety. As a customer of Bobbin Bikes, you can expect high quality and durable options when it comes to safety gear.

Our durable and well-made helmets are the right choice for them and your peace of mind. Find the perfect fitting helmet for children of all ages when you shop with Bobbin.

Shop for a practical black helmet or a gorgeous pink helmet right here. You can even find a helmet with a graphic design. These funky designs are perfect for any cool adolescence which makes a Bobbin helmet ideal for all the cool kids out there.

All of our helmets are unisex in function by design, but if you're looking for a particular style, check out out boy's bike helmets and girl's bike helmets!

Whatever helmet your child wants, you've come to the right place. We promise comfort and performance from all our helmets for every child in the family. Make sure kids are seen and heard with a bike bell and a safety helmet.

It can be easy to teach your child to love wearing a helmet if you get them one that they're excited about doing so. Kid-friendly helmets with fun designs and cool colours are one of our strengths. 

Each of our children's bike helmets has a clear fit guide and a suggestion about the ages that it will fit. You shouldn't have to guess about the recommended fit or age for any helmet that you're buying online.

We make this part of the buying process really easy for our customers. Being sure that you're getting a helmet that will fit and that your child will love is easy when you shop with us.

Any of our kids cycling helmets that you buy needs to have the right padding and comfort features. Plus, it needs to contribute to safety. We offer all our helmets in a full range of sizes. This means that you can get the perfect fit for your child's safety when they are out having fun or cycling on their bike.

A bicycle helmet that doesn't fit right can't properly protect your child from injury. You need to be sure that your child does not have a problem or any discomfort while they ride. Plus, you want to make their safety is a priority when they go on adventures with their bike.

It can be hard to encourage kids to wear a helmet if the helmet is not fun or kid-friendly. We have never sold a helmet that a child would not approve of. You can count on us for quality helmets that are also styled just the way that children like. Our store is the best place to shop for helmets that will appeal to kids of all ages.

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Kids Bike Helmets

A kids cycling helmet from Bobbin is the cherry on the cake for their bike ride adventure. Here at Bobbin, we want to give parents peace of mind and keep kids safe in style! Although your kid may not want to wear a helmet, we hope our cool designs provide them with more confidence whilst keeping them safe at the same time.

A Bobbin Helmet

Shopping for adult helmets or junior bike helmets with Bobbin. You'll find a full range of different designs, styles, and colours here at Bobbin.

We do so much more than build our awesome bikes. We've established ourselves among the top helmet brands.

Protection For Young Heads

Pick from a choice of classic and "inmold" cycle sports helmets. You can help prevent head injury with the ample protection offered by a Bobbin helmet.

If you're a parent, then the construction technology of our CPSC-compliant helmets will put your mind at ease. Make sure they’re safe whether they’re on a balance bike in the garden, or a pedal bike on the road.

Sizing For Toddler Helmets

First things first, you want to make sure your bicycle helmet fit is just right. That's why we offer a wide size range for our kids helmet sizes to fit all head sizes!

To find the perfect toddler bike helmet size for your little one, just grab a measuring tape. Start by measuring their head circumference. Then you can then use this to pick a helmet size.

Click here for more instructions on helmet sizing.

Range of Kids Bike Helmets

And we don't just offer a range of sizes. Our unisex helmets mean that you can find a girls bike helmet or boy's bike helmet without any fuss.

Our Starling and Skylark helmet ranges work just as well as boys or adorable girl bike helmets. Just customise the colour of your kid's safety helmet to your tastes!

Cycle Helmets Design

Speaking of funky designs, our wide range of cycle helmet colours has been hand-picked by the Bobbin team. All to give off awesome retro vibes.

Plus, you can pick the perfect colour to match your new Bobbin bike!

Who said adult designs get to have all the fun?

Our bike helmets feature an adjustable chin strap and a choice of styles for kids. This way, you can keep their head cool with our breathable cooling vents that allow for air flow and stay safe. This ventilation also ensure that your kids bike helmet is lightweight.

So do you want something pea-coloured for your little pea? Or maybe blueberry is their favourite colour - you'll be spoiled for choice here at Bobbin.

Safety Standards

Every Bobbin product in this range is a certified helmet for kids use. Our commitment to you is to uphold safety standards and offer maximum protection. So let's help prevent biking head injuries together.

That's why you can wear a Bobbin bike helmet for skateboarding and roller skating. It's also why all our helmets are CPSC-compliant.

And you can do it all without breaking the bank by paying with PayPal Credit!