Allotment Basket (various)


Our allotment baskets are made in Europe from high-grade wicker. A classic oval-shaped bike basket supplied with two brown leather straps. If you have a bumper crop, we recommend using one of our support brackets, to help with the weight!

Medium size: L:36cm D:29cm H:20cm. Suitable for radishes and carrots.

Tall size: L:40cm D:34cm H:25cm. Suitable for courgettes and lettuces.

Large size: L:45cm D:37cm H:28cm. This is a HUGE basket suitable for prize pumpkins.

Suggested carrier: Medium, no support needed. For the Tall & Large versions, use Front Carrier E . If you don't use a support, the wicker will be stressed under heavy loads which will reduce it's lifespan.

Made of: wicker. 

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