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Eurobike 2016

September 6, 2016

Eurobike is the largest bike trade show in the world. We have visited every year since 2008 and exhibited since 2011.

The show is really international and is a great chance to meet dealers and distributors from around the world. We always try to do something a bit different with our booth design to communicate our core brand values of authenticity, joyfulness and natural style.

New products include a belt-drive hub-geared commuting bike (Darkstar), boys range (Moonbug), mini-velo (Metric) and two racers (Luna and Scout). Furniture courtesy of London design studio Very Good and Proper.


Spain_01_Visit to Spain1

Bobbin Espana

March 16, 2015

Visit to Barcelona & Madrid! We has a great trip to Spain to visit new stores stocking the freshly dropped Bobbin bike range.


Spin London

March 16, 2015

We had a great time meeting dealers and consumers a like at Spin London in the Old Sorting Office, Holborn.



London Cycling Show

March 16, 2015

We launched our Spring range at London Cycling Show with an amazing new booth design by AW Projects.


V&A Bicycle Drawing Studio

March 16, 2013

Over 100 participants joined us for three separate drawing sessions in the spectacular Raphael Gallery. The evening guest-starred Tim Gunn from The Old Bicycle Showroom.

“One of the purposes of drawing is to train us to understand through observation. Like the figure, a bike is an animate object. Drawing a resting bike can help us to understand how it’s made and how it works.

Like the figure, bikes are very hard to draw. They have a skeleton (frame); straight lines and curves; joints (lugs); legs (stays); a back end; an inherent, latent strength and the capacity to move and power forwards. It’s a holistic design: each part relates to, and relies on, the others.

Because bikes work with and mirror bodies, in a used bike you will also find subtle clues about the bike’s owner. From there on you can start to piece together the bike’s narrative: the journeys and adventures it’s been on.

A beautiful bike is much more that the sum of its parts: it’s a balance of aesthetics, form and function. These things, coupled with the animation that comes from human use, are what give a bike its unique character: its soul.

As your pencil takes its own exploratory journey across paper, these mysteries will begin to reveal themselves.”


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Dealer Show, Shoreditch London

March 16, 2013

Our London Dealer Show was held in a warehouse on Hewitt Street, London EC2. Visitors from Spain, Norway and Portugal, along with those closer to home graced us with their presence!


Vintage at Goodwood

March 16, 2011

“Vintage at Goodwood” was an amazing festival of British music and fashion, curated by Wayne Hemmingway.

We had a stall selling bits and bobs, with the general purpose of having an almighty good time. Over the weekend the different tents: 1940’s tea dance, 1950’s rock n’ roll, 1980’s Northern Soul and 1980’s Manchester, all blended into one big cultural celebration. By the Sunday we were raving to Voodoo Ray in an exact replica of the Hacienda, surrounded by 1940’s RAF pilots.